War in Ukraine.Cotentin: refugees seeking a ‘normal life’

Olena and Yerizaveta carry out certain administrative and daily procedures from a hotel room in Touraville (the mandated municipality of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, canton Manche).
Olena and Yerizaveta carry out certain administrative and daily procedures from a hotel room in Touraville (the mandated municipality of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, canton Manche). (©La press de la manche)

12:30pm at the Formula 1 Hotel Toulaville (Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, commissioned commune of Manche). Families have lunch at tables set up outside the building. Children are playing in the corridor.it is hereOlena Kondrashova and daughter Yelizaveta Moved in together about 3 months ago. “We leftUkraine at the end of the month March 2022We didn’t know where we were going, but we had to leave. After spending two days in Poland, the two women finally head to France.An acquaintance gave me the contact information of my family Valvillewill be happy to help you.

“We didn’t know them at all, but they sent us pictures, video chatted, and their friendliness caught our eye. »

Elizabeth Kondrashova

“You have to go step by step”

Cohabitation is progressing smoothly, June 2022, they chose to settle in Cherbourg. “We had to get closer to the city for that. looking for a job “To briefly summarize Olena, the only thing the mother of the family expects now is to work at Cotentin.

“I know it has to be done in stages. The first was to get the official documentation working.

Olena Kondrashova

Olena’s new priority islearn french“Some people were invited course, no other. I have updated the request. We hope you can get started soon. Her daughter wants to finish her studies.she got her master Remotely started last year Doctor October 2022.

adapt first

in their room, Every Square Meter Is Carefully UsedIn one corner, several books and personal items are piled up. In another room, clothes are arranged.

“Here are our ingredients. We went to Restos du Coeur. We received jams, milk and fresh produce, especially meat. I only eat when. »

Olena Kondrashova and daughter Yelizaveta

For three months, mother and daughter have adjusted to the situation. “we havemicrowave When 2 electric hot pots shared between different roomsTherefore, it is difficult to eat hot food every day.

405 permission

This is the number of Temporary Stay Permits (APS) issued to Ukrainian refugees by Manche County. It should also be noted that 140 children are educated at La He Manche.

But the two women keep smiling and optimistic. “Once I find a job, Lodging…it really restart»

At the moment it is not possible to return to Ukraine.

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“The situation is too unstable. »

Olena Kondrashova and daughter Yelizaveta


Thank you for welcoming them in the various departments, associations and volunteers… above all, they want regain independence.

“I don’t want to rely on aid. I want to pay my taxes, rent a house… I want to participate in local life.”

Olena Kondrashova and daughter Yelizaveta

Thanks to the goodwill they have met since their arrival, Olena has been able to do Nordic walking and Yelizateva has been able to give several piano sessions. “There are many people here who share the same values ​​as us. nice encounterOutside, the shower starts to come down, soaking up the dry laundry. “I’m not sure how winter will be here…by then we may have found our own place.” channel prefecture “Currently, all work consists of either stabilizing accommodation or shifting the situation from accommodation to accommodation.” meeting Held with social landlord in this regard.

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