Volodymyr Zelensky in the eastern city of Izium recaptured from Russian forces

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President Volodymyr Zelensky traveled Wednesday to Izium, a major eastern city recently captured by Ukrainian forces. Kyiv is leading a lightning counterattack in the south and northeast of the country that puts Russian forces in great difficulty. Follow him hourly for the latest developments in the war in Ukraine.

  • 7:43pm: Chances for peace are ‘minimal’, says UN secretary-general after meeting with Putin

“I feel we are far from peace. I would be lying if I said that peace will come soon,” Antonio Guterres told a news conference after a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I have no illusions. At this stage, the chances of a peace deal are minimal,” he insisted, noting that even a ceasefire was “out of sight.” , which I hope can one day move to a higher level of discussion.”

  • 6:38pm: Moscow imposes sanctions on British companies

Russia’s foreign ministry said it had introduced sanctions against the heads of 30 British PR firms and a number of defense lobbyists in response to what it called the British government’s unfriendly measures.

According to the ministry, people on the list are prohibited from entering Russia.

  • 3:22 p.m.: Volodymyr Zelensky makes a surprise visit to Idium after being taken over by Kyiv

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a surprise visit to the city of Izium on Wednesday, which was recaptured by Kyiv forces on Saturday during a lightning counteroffensive in the northeast.

Russian forces abandoned their main stronghold in northeastern Ukraine on Saturday, leaving behind abandoned crates of ammunition and equipment. It was the deepest setback since last March’s failed attack on the capital Kyiv.

  • 2:40pm: French gas exports to Germany could start ‘mid-October’, says GRTgaz

The new gas export capacity from France to Germany will be available “mid-October”, Thierry Oublie, general manager of the gas network operator of France GRTgaz, announced at a press conference.

“The effects of the war in Ukraine have reversed the flow of gas, which historically came from the east. : GRTgaz is working to: Adapt its network to develop a new export capacity from France to Germany, which will be available in mid-October, ”said GRTgaz issued in the process. specifies the press release.

France will be able to spend the winter and meet its demand for gas and electricity on the condition that it conserves energy, network managers argued on Wednesday, ahead of the government’s announcement of possible price increases.

  • 12:51pm: Vladimir Putin reportedly rejected peace deal recommended by his envoy at start of war in Ukraine, Reuters says

Russia’s top envoy to Ukraine reportedly told Vladimir Putin at the start of the war that a tentative agreement had been reached with Kyiv that would satisfy Moscow’s demands, including a demand to keep Ukraine out of NATO. But the Russian president would have rejected it and continued with his statement — a military operation, according to three sources close to the Russian power.

Dimitri Kozak reportedly told Vladimir Putin that the deal made a large-scale Russian occupation of Ukraine unnecessary, sources say. The envoy’s recommendation to complete the transaction was first reported by Reuters.

Asked about the Reuters findings, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “This has nothing to do with reality. It never happened. This is completely false information.” Stated.

  • 12:24 pm: Volodymyr Zelensky in Izium, a major eastern city recaptured from the Russians

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Izium, a reconquered strategic city in the Kharkov region (east). This is the first visit to territory recaptured from Russia in a spectacular counterattack this month.

Volodymyr Zelensky “attended” the Ukrainian flag-raising ceremony and “thanked the military for liberating Ukrainian land,” he said on Facebook on Thursday.e Airborne brigade by publishing a photo of the head of state on the spot. Surrounded by armed bodyguards and dressed in a khaki military uniform, the president was not wearing a helmet and, according to photos posted on his Telegram account with military officials, he did not appear to be wearing a bulletproof vest. looked like

Ukraine recently announced that it had recaptured thousands of square kilometers to the east and south from Russia.

  • 9:30 am: Ursula von der Leyen will arrive in Kyiv

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has announced that her wife has traveled to Kyiv to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has been invited to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

“Today I will travel to Kyiv to meet with President Zelensky,” she announced in a speech to the European Parliament to discuss in detail “continuation of European aid.”

The European Commission president, who has already visited Ukraine twice, has also argued that sanctions against Russia should remain in place, judging that the time has not come for easing them.

“Let me be clear, sanctions are not about to be lifted. Now is not the time for appeasement, it is the time for decisions,” she said.

According to AFP and Reuters


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