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Despite heavy censorship, there is growing suspicion in Russia about the Kremlin’s military strategy in Ukraine. Paradoxically, they come from both opponents and supporters of war.

A political talk show on Russian television on Friday took an unexpected turn. One of the participants gave a grim assessment of Moscow’s potential in Ukraine, where Russian troops have recently withdrawn.

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Russian politician Boris Nadezhdin told NTV, Russia’s third channel, “We understand that it is impossible to defeat Ukraine using these resources and methods of colonial warfare. I’m in a situation where I have to,” he said.

After denouncing an adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Russian parliament, has stressed that the balance of power is not in favor of Russia. “Facing the Russian military is a powerful military force, supported economically and technically by the most powerful countries in an economic and technological sense,” he argued.

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Boris Nadezhdin played the role of a “NATO accomplice” in this scene that has been circulating on social networks. Nadezhdin says relatively sensible things and can be demolished by others. But on Sunday evening, I was taken aback by the intensity of his remarks.

Russian TV commentator realizes his country’s military is dysfunctional and his country is in trouble

The Daily Beast Journalist Julia Davis

Julia Davis, an English-speaking journalist who founded the Russian Media Observatory, was one of the first to reflect on this exchange.[Les experts de la télévision russe] Let the punishment game begin. Some of them have finally realized that the genocidal denial of Ukrainian identity does not work in Russia’s favor.”

“Not only does he express opposition, but some of his criticisms are not even remotely directed at Putin himself.” Honoring his role Tom Nichols,Editor Atlantic.

“I fear he will be arrested soon if he speaks the dangerous truth.” Wonders on His Side Sean WalkerEastern European and Russian specialists Guardian.

Asked at 7:30 p.m., Russian expert Geneviève Pilon also concluded: A setback happened.” And even if she is convinced that the war is at a critical time, it is very difficult to predict her future.

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Russian Rift: Geneviève Pilon Details / 7:30pm / 2 minutes / 7:30pm yesterday.

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Is the word being released in Russia, thanks to the reversal of an already six-month conflict? Francis Scar, the BBC’s observer of Russian propaganda, is more cautious. “What’s more interesting about this example than the statement itself is that nobody silenced him. The exchange seems rather spontaneous, but it only takes place in a matter of days.” “If it happens in the next few days, it could also be a change in the Kremlin’s strategy,” he said.

In Russian media this weekend, following rhetoric used by the Russian Ministry of Defense on Saturday, the withdrawal from Izium and Balakriya was in any event a “reorganization” with a view to offensive actions in the Donetsk region. ” was presented as a strategy.

On a major Russian channel, the host mentions the reorganization in the Kharkiv region at the end of a long list of information, “as if it weren’t important”, and observes Francis Scar on Twitter.

Moody War Defender

Despite propaganda, this setback has not spared supporters of intervention in Ukraine. Among them is the Chechen leader, an early supporter of Vladimir Putin, who has provided thousands of fighters.by message posted on telegramRamzan Kadyrov said he would contact senior Defense Ministry officials.

“If the Russian general staff did not want to leave, [troupes] However, he claimed that the Russian soldiers had withdrawn because they “did not have the proper military training”.

Clearly there was a mistake.I think they will draw some conclusions

Ramzan Kadyrov, President of Chechnya

Like him, many of Russia’s most influential military bloggers have published messages condemning the Kremlin’s strategy. Some, like his Zakhar Prilepin on his Telegram channel, which has more than 250,000 subscribers, have described the events in Kharkov as a “catastrophe” and a complete intelligence failure. . CNN reports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not spoken publicly since the Ukrainian counterattack began, but Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a conference call with reporters on Monday that Russia has said that He declared that he would achieve his goal.

On Sunday night, Russia bombed civilian infrastructure in eastern Ukraine, cutting off water and electricity for residents.war reporter on national television Yevgeny Poddubny hailed strike as ‘retaliatory action’But retaliation for what? However, in a broadcast on the same day, he stated that the Russian army was not withdrawing, but was regrouping.

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