Versailles summit on March 10 and 11, 2022.

As the French Presidency of the European Union Council, the Versailles Summit brought together the European Union Heads of State and Government, the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council on 10 and 11 March. .

Main purpose of the summit

  • Reaffirming European unity and support for Ukraine in the face of the war in Ukraine,
  • We will work on solutions to strengthen Europe’s defense capabilities and reduce strategic dependencies (energy, raw materials, semiconductors, health products, digital, food).

Joint Statement on Ukraine

Member States reiterate their full support for Ukraine, And once again we strongly condemn Russian aggression and Belarusian collusion. In their statement:

  • They supported the launch of an investigation by the International Criminal Court into the Russian attack that caused civilian casualties,
  • They called for ensuring the safety and security of nuclear facilities,
  • They pledge to continue their political, financial, material and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine,
  • They are committed to maintaining solidarity with the refugee population and the countries that welcome them,
  • They pledged to increase pressure on Russia and Belarus by tightening sanctions,
  • They recognize the European aspirations and choices of Ukraine and the right to determine its fate. They recognize that Ukraine belongs to the European family,
  • They request the European Commission to investigate and comment on the applications for membership of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia in accordance with the procedures laid down by the treaty.

Priority projects for the coming weeks and months

Strengthening European defense

  • Increasing investment in defense capabilities Innovative technology in this field,
  • Prepare for new challenges (Enhancing cyber resilience, enhancing the security and defense aspects of the space industry, etc.).

Member States also reaffirmed their ambitions regarding the Strategic Compass Project, which should guide European action in the areas of security and defense and should be adopted immediately.

reduce energy dependence

European heads of state and government End Europe’s dependence on Russian gas, oil and coalIn particular, they promised:

  • reduce the use of fossil energy, diversify supply, accelerate the development of renewable energy,
  • optimization of gas storage management,
  • We will strengthen our plans to improve Europe’s energy efficiency and secure energy supplies.

Building a more resilient economy

Finally, in order to strengthen the European economy, the European Heads of State and Government have agreed to: Encourage the formation of new industrial alliances And we will move in a more mutually beneficial direction in our exchanges with the rest of the world.


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