Unaccompanied minors and their supporters will demonstrate to find solutions at the Jules Ferrier Square Camp, and the city will provide temporary accommodation.

Croix Rousse supporters/migrant groups organized a demonstration on Wednesday 21 September to question the Rhône department, the city and the metropolis of Lyon about the situation of minors squatting on Place Gustave Ferrier near the Hénon metro station. . Only the larger cities agreed to host the delegations, but the city of Lyon would provide temporary accommodation in the gymnasium.

As we told you, Croix-Rousse supporters/migrant groups organized a demonstration on Wednesday 21 September to challenge the city of Lyon and the Metropolis and the Rhône department over the situation of 60 young people squatting in the nearby Place Gustave Ferrier. Did. From Enon metro station.these young immigrants Since July 5, the Squat le cheminer, which has occupied this square and combined with the fire of a shop called ‘Chez Gemma’, has been closed.The meeting took place at 1:00 pm in front of the Place du Comedie between the Opera and the Hôtel de Ville. As with the last demonstration organized on 4 July, the demonstrators formed a march and went to the department and the Hotel du Métropole.

Rally in front of City Hall

Comedy Square, 16-year-old Suleyman, who lives in the camp, read a letter he and his comrades had written to the authorities. Anne of the Croix-Rousse Support/Immigration Organization provided an update on the situation. We asked to be accepted by the institution. The city hall of Lyon will not accept us.Sanrdine Runel was held by a meeting in the Metropolis. Although we were unable to meet, his assistant in charge of solidarity and social inclusion came to see them.

Anne indicated that the city’s technical advisors would have referred to a “gymnasium solution with social support.” I am afraid that I will not be accepted in the place of

Nevertheless, the procession was facing the prefecture. Along the way, Anne offered some details, saying, “The gymnasium solution with social support was not the best solution for these young people.” They were taken out and put in a camp, but now they’re going to put them back in the gym.” This is not an ideal solution. Compared to tough places that have rooms and genuinely welcome these young people. “.

One step to the prefecture

The county doors remained closed. Suleiman reread a letter addressed to authorities expressing the suffering of “isolated and unrecognized minors here in Lyon” and asking for “access” to a roof and “schooling”.

In the field, we spoke with Chloe, who volunteered to help young people at the Gustave Ferrier camp over the summer. “It was very hot. They were in a heat wave and they couldn’t sleep… there were all kinds of insects, mosquitoes, wasps… Had the right… More space is common. No more place to live with. Mattresses are soggy, clothes don’t dry. Had to ask for donations.”

The delegation was received at the Metropole de Lyon

The demonstrators then went to the Hôtel de Métropole, where the delegation was welcomed by the vice president in charge of Renault Payer’s residence, Gérard, a member of the group, told us.

In front of another member of this community, the Hotel de Métropole, Kellen called for a “specific and immediate answer” from the elected officials of Greater Lyon.

Arione, a young man from the camp, who co-wrote a letter to the authorities, was waiting for “good news from Metropolis.”

But young people and members of the collective came out of this meeting disappointed. Suleiman, who was part of this delegation, confirms the Gymnasium’s solution, but it doesn’t satisfy him. I don’t want to go back to , otherwise everything I’ve done this summer will go to waste and this demo will go to waste”. “I’m going to set up a camp in front of the big city,” he declared, before pointing out that he was looking for

Co-advocate/immigrant Armand Kruse highlighted Metropolis’ “efforts” to host this delegation. “Unfortunately, this result is disappointing for young people and for us.”

According to him, Greater Lyon has indicated that “Metropolis must carry out an evaluation of stations 1 and 2, which have been opened for two years in cooperation with the prefecture, second”. It’s working well, allowing us to protect the youth and 40 youths, but on the other hand, there are 50 youths on the street with a hole in the racquet, which requires additional effort. Say you can’t do it right away and send us back to the city, to an intermediate solution, the gymnasium.”

just before the start of camp We met with Renaud Peyret, Vice President for Housing, Social Housing and Urban Policy for Greater Lyon, and Lucie Vachet, Vice President for Social and Educational Action. When Station 2 opened, it was the culmination of months of work.

“The thread has not been cut. This is a change from the previous municipality. I want to stress that we were able to win Stations 1 and 2 thanks to the actions of citizens and the mobilization of young people themselves,” Creus asserted. did. ”. “The ongoing dialogue isn’t going far enough and we’re continuing to move it faster, but there’s real urgency as we’re entering a difficult climate period.

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