Unaccompanied foreign minors stationed on the street

Two buildings at 113 and 115 Canebière in the city center of Marseille have hosted about 50 young immigrants, presumed to be minors, for eight months. The association accompanied them, and lawyers individually assisted them in their appeals to juvenile judges.

The eviction of these facilities by the police took place this morning. The 115-year-old was taken to the Valier Gymnasium and divided into his two “night receptions” for adults, La Madrague and Saint-Jean-de-Dieu (Forbin).

But the 113 building was empty! In fact, since Sunday, his 25 youths, organized as a group, have camped under a reformist bandstand to forestall deportation and publicize the denial of their rights. These young people refuse to be placed in temporary accommodation – hotels for a few nights or, worse, adult emergency accommodation where their safety, health and integrity are unprotected.

We evacuated the kiosk within 48 hours and called a meeting at 2:00 pm on Wednesday.

Mohammed, almost 17 years old

Mohammed had to flee Ivory Coast when he was 15. trip to france, Libya, sea, Italy » It lasted almost two years because he states: « I will be 17 years old next month. On the train, I was stopped by the controller who checked my birth certificate and nationality and told me to get off in Marseille and go to the police. The police told me that I had no choice but to seek refuge in building 113 in Canebières. I was tired, so I slept for two days. And now they tell us to take to the streets and try to shun us even in the streets. »

‘Inhumane and degrading treatment’

Representatives of Education Without Borders, the United Nations (CGT-Education, Solidaires, etc.) and the French Insoumise deputies – Henrick Davi’s stand-in spoke out to express their outrage and support for these young people who have a voice. did. You are entitled to the unconditional protection of the Authority. La Simard Marseille attended the gathering even though he did not receive an MIE.

An attorney at Syndicat des Avocats de France explains: All these young people are waiting for a court decision to recognize their minority. They were disqualified as minors by the departmental council evaluation and caught a child judge. These young people can prove their minority status through their civil status and identity documents.

While awaiting a judge’s decision, which will take months, the only solution for the authorities is STREET. Or the overcrowded and dangerous adult shelters that put children in all sorts of dangers. But the presumption that they are a minority should give them the right to protection, educational support and schooling.In France, there is legal uncertainty about this interim period (pending the child judge’s decision). The European Court of Human Rights has already accused Italy of failing to protect young people in this situation. Perhaps France will be blamed for the inhuman and degrading treatment of these minors. »

Excerpt from Collective 113 press release

We have been alerting public authorities for eight months, but it is not appropriate as only urgent and non-consultative solutions have been proposed.

It took a long time for the city hall, prefectures, and departments to shift responsibility. It is unacceptable for minors on the streets, minors at risk and failed institutions to repeatedly rely on civil society and extremist organizations.

There is no lack of possible locations, alternative solutions exist. What is missing is political will.

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