Umrah August 2023: 4 Best Offers

do you plan to Umrah next year ?

In this case, if you are less sensitive to heat and are not afraid of the Saudi summer season, we have what you need in stock. We even have some suggestions for your future pilgrimages. These are our 4 Best Umrah Offers What can you expect with these packages? Fairly warm temperatures, ranging from 41°C to 43°C at first, but sunny days also accompany you during ceremonies in the sacred sites of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Of course, you can get some color out of it, but that’s nothing compared to the many benefits it has in store for you.

In fact, in order to best meet the expectations and requirements of future Umrah pilgrims,, a platform dedicated to Umrah and Hajj, will spend all the time necessary to find the best offers on the market for this event. have spent We believe without a doubt that it is never too early to prepare for this pilgrimage. On the contrary, the more you plan ahead, the better it will be for you. Because from an organizational standpoint only, you don’t have to worry about anything other than packing your bags for D-Day. It makes you calmer. great package for your satisfaction.

The services included in each offer that we present to you are driven by our motivation to offer exclusivity to pilgrims!

Luxury hotels, comfortable rooms, exclusive visits to iconic sites in Medina and Mecca, attentive guides and more. These are all the options we offer our guests to help make their stay even more comfortable. So, since you’re interested in our various offers (at least we hope you are), without further ado, we present them to you.

Omra August 2023 Offer: Authoritative Formula for Ultra-Comprehensive Programs

Umrah-August 2023-4-Best Programs-Offers

with this offer “Umrah August 2023”11th (August 2, 2023 to August 13, 2023) An incredible experience awaits you in Saudi Arabia, highlighted by three key factors. The organizers of this program hoped to bring pilgrims the following benefits:

  • very comfortable : Accommodation in a 4 or 5 star hotel with breakfast included.
  • Proximity to Mosque: Whether in Medina or Mecca, pilgrims can easily go to a mosque to offer their prayers.
  • Reasonable price: All of these perks come at attractive rates to suit all budgets.

This should be supplemented with other options such as courses on the benefits of Umrah, accompanying guides, visits, transportation in air-conditioned buses, French-speaking guides and even visa procedures. €1,790 Learn more about.

Omra Paris August 2023 offer: a tailor-made program

A peculiarity of this formula is that you can choose the date of departure and return for Umrah.

It is a free accommodation that is irresistible for those who want to decide their travel schedule freely. In any case, future pilgrims will have an incredible moment. 5 star hotels in Medina and Mecca. Again, the hotel rooms are well appointed and most of all comfortable. The guides are highly qualified and aim to help you with the Umrah ceremony, but they also take you on a beautiful tour.

In short, this offer has the following advantages:

  • cultural visits;
  • English-speaking guide;
  • Transportation by air-conditioned bus.
  • Visit to Medina and Mecca.
  • Or even religious support, among other things.

this is all €1,750 You can choose the room type you want (for a fee). You are right there to see all the benefits of this offer.

The Omra 2023 Cheap Offer: Peaceful Travel at Low Prices

umrah-august-2023-4-best offers-incredible

With this offer, special 12 days From 2 to 13 August 2023 in 3- and 5-star hotels (all near the mosque).

A team of experts will provide the best answers to pilgrims’ questions. In addition, the accompaniment and course are done with care so that they can perform the ritual in all tranquility. Additionally, this includes the following options:

  • hotel;
  • Visit to Medina and Mecca.
  • the book “Guide to Umrah”;
  • French-speaking/Arabic-speaking guide.
  • Internal transportation in an air-conditioned bus.
  • International flight.

the price is 1490 euros You can choose from quadruple, triple, double and single rooms (various rates). Click here to view the entire offer.

Omra Offer August 2023 France: for a stay that meets your expectations

This package promises you 11th The magic of Saudi Arabia in top hotels (5 stars only!) in Medina and Mecca.

Proximity to the mosque is emphasized and you can move around at your convenience and go and say your prayers whenever you want. Afterwards we will have a lesson and question and answer session on the merits of Medina and Mecca. A special course is planned for women. A guide will accompany you on the tour. Then when it comes to benefits, you have access to:

  • Excellent service at selected hotels in Medina and Mecca.
  • breakfast included;
  • bilingual support;
  • visit;
  • Transportation by air-conditioned bus.
  • visa administrative procedures;
  • Possibility to choose your room (4, 3, 2, 1 person with different rates).

All this is provided to you from €1,390 Learn more about this offer here.


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