Ukraine president thanks Saudi crown prince for helping free prisoners

BEIRUT: Lebanon’s Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati has vowed to push for urgently needed reforms after Saudi Arabia, France and the US agreed on a roadmap relief route for crisis-hit Lebanon.

Delegates from the three countries issued a joint statement early Thursday morning after meetings held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The statement underlines their willingness to work with Lebanon, but warns that support for the next phase of the rescue is subject to compliance with key provisions.

These include “a government capable of implementing the urgently needed structural and economic reforms to resolve Lebanon’s political and economic crisis, particularly the reforms necessary to reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund. “formation of”, read the joint statement. .

Saudi Arabia, the US and France expressed their continued support for Lebanon’s sovereignty, security and stability.

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bukhari tweeted that the joint statement conveyed the message that the Taif Accords are “guardians of national unity and civil peace in Lebanon.”

MP Marwan Hamadeh called on Lebanese political parties to carefully read the joint statement and tweets of the Saudi ambassador.

He called for a conference aimed at forming a tripartite state that would allow Hezbollah to become a “partner in governance”.

Mikati, who represented Lebanon at the United Nations General Assembly, addressed the country’s social and economic crises in a speech Wednesday night.

He warned that the crisis is threatening all institutions, pushing the majority of the population below the poverty line and causing a brain drain among the country’s youth.

The caretaker prime minister has pledged to advance legislative and administrative reforms and stressed that Lebanon counts on its international friends, especially Arab countries.

He reiterated Lebanon’s commitment to the Taif Agreement and promised to decisively address any threat to its provisions.

“A sovereign, independent, strong and capable Lebanese state is essential to the peace, security, stability and prosperity of the region,” Mikati told delegations.

MP Abdel Rahman al-Bizri said arab news That the joint declaration of Saudi Arabia, the United States and France reflects the aspirations of all Lebanese people regarding holding presidential elections, forming an effective government and implementing political reforms;

Parliamentarian George Okais said the statement underscored key issues that Lebanon needs to address to restore stability.

A political commentator said arab news The terms set forth in the Joint Declaration shall be in line with the continuity of the Taif Agreement.

The declaration advocates for the implementation of all international resolutions, in particular those restricting the supply of arms to the Lebanese army and internal security forces.

The three countries also stressed the importance of holding “timely elections” as the Lebanese parliament prepares to elect a new president.

“It is of utmost importance to elect a president who can unite the Lebanese people and work with regional and international actors to overcome the current crisis,” the joint statement said.

“For the Government of Lebanon to implement the provisions of UN Security Council Resolutions 1559, 1680, 1701, 2650 and other relevant international resolutions, including those issued by the Arab League, and to respect the Taif Accords We affirm that this is of paramount importance, helping to preserve Lebanon’s national unity and civil peace,” the joint statement said.

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