Transformation and agility drive growth for Radisson Hotels

With over 1,700 hotels worldwide and many more projects and deals planned, Radisson Hotel Group is located in the most sought-after countries and cities.

Over the past 75 years, Radisson Hotel Group has established a reputation for excellence in the lodging and hospitality industry, making it one of the largest hotel groups in the world. This status is based on customer confidence in the Group’s products, supported by the selection of suitable partners and thanks to carefully researched expansion in key markets around the world.

With over 1,700 hotels worldwide and many more projects and deals planned, Radisson Hotel Group is located in the most sought-after countries and cities. The group enables travelers to explore new territories thanks to a new stage in the group’s development strategy. This strategy is underpinned by a solid business model and a well-defined brand architecture that will maintain our growth momentum going forward. The group currently owns 600 hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Radisson is also considering expanding to other cities around the world.

Access to more destinations

As part of the Group’s broader vision to be the company of choice for guests, owners and talent, Radisson builds on its reputation and expands its hotels to more destinations.

In Europe, the group has opened new hotels in the UK, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Spain and elsewhere. These diverse destinations testify to the group’s desire to attract customers who want to explore beyond their borders. comfort destination “.

Global destinations are not only preferred vectors for growth, but also source markets in various regions. Europe is an important market for Africa, including Egypt, and has seen increased recognition and loyalty from travelers staying at its hotels after transforming its network of operations in major European cities.Ramsey Rancusi, vice president of development for Africa and Turkey, Radisson Hotel Group, said:

When a traveler from a trusted “home” makes the decision to discover a new country or city, the variety of options to choose from can be the deciding factor in turning thoughts into action. ‘ he continues. “ This is why we have put so much attention into creating a diverse portfolio of accommodation across the African continent, from city hotels to resorts. Over the past few years, we have built our brand image by establishing first-class hotels in various locations, but we have also become the market leader in performance and guest satisfaction..

radisson factor

Radisson Hotel Group is positioned as one of the world’s leading providers of accommodation and hospitality services. This year, on the African continent, the Group exceeded its half-year growth targets with new openings and exciting market entries in business and leisure destinations.

In the last 24 months, we have signed over 25 hotels or around 4,800 rooms in Africa alone, while opening over 16 hotels and 2,500 rooms across the continent. These metrics prove investor confidence in our brand and also show the quality of our processes and the relevance of our offers. We continue to find new business opportunities in the region, especially as we see significant room for growth in our resort offerings. Ramsay Rancusi says. Consider the characteristics of each region and plan the hotels accordingly based on the uniqueness of each destination.

Radisson Hotel Group is also more than just a standard hotel collection. A carefully selected portfolio of different hotel brands to meet different guest experience expectations.continues Ramsay Rancusi.

Each brand has its own identity, but the common goal is: look and feel Unique to each collection.

Radisson Collection

The Radisson Collection is the most iconic of all hotel categories. The brand draws its inspiration from the center of luxury lifestyles and local living, offering experiences in everything from dining and wellness to fitness and sustainability.

Radisson Blu

The Blu Collection offers a sophisticated guest experience with meticulous attention to detail.


With a concept of natural and relaxing spaces, Radisson Hotels aims to surprise and delight guests in unexpected ways, with attention to detail.

radisson red

These more playful hotels are more “ informal But an authentic hotel experience that deviates from conventional practices.

radisson personal

This hotel collection is all about individuality and caters to guests looking for a more personal and private style of service.

park plaza

Deeply influenced by local culture, community and experiences, Park Plaza Hotel features a more contemporary design and incorporates local culture into every aspect of the hotel.

Park Inn by Radisson

Deploying a more lively atmosphere that incorporates the local social panorama, these hotels aim to lift the spirits of their guests and make them happy in their living spaces. Intuitive and purposeful use of color is combined with contemporary design, personalized service and amazing wellness options.

Prize Hotel

The most eclectic of the Radisson Group’s entire hotel collection, Prize Hotel elevates the designer’s lifestyle to an affordable level. A more casual service structure allows customers to live, work and play in the space.

More than just hotels

Founded on people-centered principles, Radisson Hotel Group is committed to making a difference in each of our hotel communities and environments.

Each hotel within the group strives to provide learning support and employment to the community, conduct business ethically and operate responsibly towards people and the environment.says Ramsay Rancusi.

it is to honor the mantra Yes, I can ! (Yes, you can) Integrated into all aspects of the Radisson Hotel Group structure. Yes, I can » Develop support for planetary sustainability, « Yes, I can » Create the most unforgettable experience for each customer, « Yes I can grow my business and create a hotel group as diverse as the community we operate insays Ramsay Rancusi.

Radisson Hotel Group offers an insightful, responsive, and relevant approach to owners to create meaningful, fun and inspiring experiences for guests. We are a human company, with passionate colleagues who provide genuine service to our stakeholders.

Illustration Image: Transformation and Agility Drive Growth at Radisson Hotels

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