Tourism: Pilate Plays Proximity Card Via Michelin

At the beginning of 2022, the Pilate Regional Nature Park and its tourist office have entered into a partnership with the famous Auvergne tire manufacturer CSE. Currently, his more than 10,000 employees of 35,000 beneficiaries are being served 170 weekend prescriptions specific to Massif.

On Wednesday, September 7th, the project leaders presented Perussan with an overview of the partnership. Photo sent by Pilat’s PNR.

Tourists, Pilate certainly already has some. But on the other hand, given its potential, it is not enough. On the other hand, the typical profile of visitors is limited to day trips: couples, families and friends coming from the cities of Saint-Etienne and Lyon. “Poor”: An assessment of the Loire summer tourist season 2021, prepared a year ago by the Loire Department, shows that the nights spent in accommodation from May to September, especially Saint-Etienne Métropole (+ 17%) But… except for Pilate’s territory: – already 13% – 33% in 2020. As explained by André Vermeersch, president of the tourist office of Pilate, Michelin’s request is finally specific suitable for being “Get out of the image of a day trip, as a real accommodation”.

The Michelin Works Council, which has been discussing the CSE (Committee for Social and Economic Affairs) since 2018, is now able to offer its members 170 region-specific stays along 11 different themes of activity. became. wellbeing (yoga, wood balneotherapy, LPO Loire), nature sports (tree climbing, via ferrata on the Goufle Denfert, hydrospeed and rafting on the Espace aux Vives Saint-Pierre de Boeuf), as well as local know-how: especially in the north , in the Doray Valley and its homes of braids and laces, even roasting and the inevitable weaving. His CSE in question (recall Michelin’s international scale with his 120,000 employees worldwide) is located in Clermont, his group’s headquarters in Ferrand and its annex in the agglomeration or Puy de Dome. facility is covered.

35,000 potential rights holders

About 10,000 employees are involved in this CSE, with a total of 35,000 qualified people being offered Pilat as a weekend idea. On Wednesday 7 September, the main actors of the project – designated the If Group, although no commercial link between the office, PNR and Michelin occurred – presented this profile to the press and local stakeholders.Certified Partnership “Very Exceptional” By the PNR of Pilat, one of three communities with the communities of Mont du Pilat and Pilat Rhone, behind the tourist office of the Massif.That’s in 2021 following the health crisis, but CSE Michelin “As usual, we were unable to help our members with their vacation plans for 2020.”that this embodied the idea of “Puy de Domeland” through Magalog, that magazine was intended for members of the CSE. Aim: To promote holidays on a short-term and local circuit, positively influencing the identity, economy and environment of the territories that welcome them.

The fleet benefits from the CSR orientation adopted by Michelin’s CSE. It was he who came to knock on Pilate’s door. © If Media/Julie Taduni

The “values” shared by our office and Pilate refer to Isabelle Arbuz, Director of the Pilate Tourist Office, interviewed in a promotional video for members of the Michelin CSE and contacted by If Saint-Etienne. increase.On the one hand she wants“We are developing new partnerships and new stays with other CSEs, especially in winter and not necessarily snow-based.”. but also “Extend your stay beyond the weekends that Michelin requests remain, based on short stays outside the summer season.”What are the initial evaluations of the partnership, which launched this spring? “It worked wellassures Isabelle ArbuzMost of the stays offered went well. Especially for families surrounded by nature, for acrobatic courses, for Saint-Pierre-de-Boeuf in the Hauts-Vives district, for couples, especially for wine tourism courses. »

Please refer to the approach

In terms of numbers, the park says it recorded 41 welcoming families, couples, or groups of friends (that is, 129 people) over the weekend alone, so last spring. Added 20 stays booked for “We have booked a total of 80 nights for 228 people for 90 nights.” Until September 6th. This generated a revenue of €40,308 for him on that day to the service providers directly involved in the Michelin offer (thus having to add additional spending by tourists elsewhere). This means a very cheap proposal, if you calculate the recipe per person: 177 €. Sponsored beneficiaries may spend as little as €27 per person on these turnkey stays. in short, minimum : 1 night, food and activities on Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday noon.

25 Parc du Pillat partners are involved in this process. 10 accommodations (hotels, leisure chalets, bed and breakfasts, teepees), 6 restaurants, 6 activity providers, 3 grower shops and coffee roasters. Certain properties of PNR that are often offered, such as Brasserie du Pilat and Bonbons de Julien, are not included in the offer. Contacted by If Saint-Etienne, Isabelle Arbuz explains that she cannot do so due to technical reception constraints, but the office is working on integration, and Michelin employees and others We offer them in our list of additional activities as well. The Pilat Tourist Office, which has a key reference, Bibendum, is now investigating her other CSEs in large companies…

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