Tourism: Coto Island for cruising speed

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There are 50 large and small islands in the island district of Cotto.

Photo: VNA/CVN

Cô Tô is one of the outposts of great political, economic, defense, security and diplomatic importance.

With its natural advantages and sustainable development orientation, Cô Toô aims to become an attractive tourist destination in the north.

natural benefits

Cô Tô not only has a particularly important position in terms of national defense and security, but also has a rich ecosystem of flora and fauna, beautiful natural landscapes, and many unique cultural features of the Sea Peoples.

There are 50 large and small islands in the island district of Co Tho, including 3 large islands, 1,780 ha of Co Tho big island, 1,887 ha of Koh Thang Lan and 512 ha of Koh Chang.

Today, 10 hectares of primeval forest remain on the large island of Kotou.

Many streets are lined with green trees such as Casuarina trees and green pine forests.

The Co Tho waters are also considered a region of great biodiversity in Vietnam, with many ecosystems typical of tropical waters, including an intensive ecosystem of coral reefs.

In addition, Koh Tho has a series of beautiful beaches such as Tau Dam, Hong Van, Van Chai, Bac Van, Vom Si, Ong Vien, and the large island of Koh Tho and Koh Tho. There are also beaches located between the small islands of

But the most beautiful is Hong Van Beach, with a long stretch of fine white sand, clean, flat water and crystal clear water.

Currently, Cô Tô has 260 accommodations, including 44 hotels ranging from 1 to 3 stars, with a total of about 3,000 rooms.

In recent years, Cotou has become an attractive destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.

sustainable development

In recent years, Cotou has become an attractive destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.

Photo: VNA/CVN

Currently, Cô Tô is focused on developing tourism services, and this sector is gradually claiming an important role in the economic structure.

According to the direction of tourism development of the district until 2025, Cô Toô will become an ecotourism area of ​​​​the country’s island and sea resorts.

It is the tourist destination of the tourist complex of Cat Ba – Ha Long – Van Don – Co Tho – Mong Kai – Cha Kho, offering a wide range of tourism, sports and entertainment both on the sea and on the island’s beaches.

A positive aspect of Cotou tourism is that the residents of the island district attach great importance to the development of tourism in relation to maintaining the environmental health of the area.

Additionally, the district is also raising awareness to mobilize locals and tourists to work hand in hand to protect the environment, paying special attention to hygiene, including cleaning the beach environment.

In the future, based on the resolution of 8e General Assembly of the Party Central Committee (XIIe For the sustainable development strategy of Vietnam’s maritime economy to 2030, and the vision and overall development layout of Quang Ninh province to 2045, CôTô focuses on openness, integration and development in the long-term sense. I’m here. Appropriate measures to ensure rapid, effective and sustainable development.

Cô Tô emphasizes the simultaneous construction of infrastructure. Implement preferential and open mechanisms and policies to attract investors to develop production and business on the island.

The district strives to make Cotto an “eco-tourism, seaside resort and island resort”, which is also a very important outpost for the country’s national defense and security in the Northeast Sea. .



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