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Daniel Schwartzman – The market got off to a good start in September, gaining 3.4% in the first week of the month and gaining 4.1%. that’s all 2.4% decrease. Whether this is just an adjustment in market positioning or a sign of something more supportive, especially this week as a new round of inflation reporting comes out, is something to watch out for. Corporate news is light, but several major earnings reports and rare big IPOs are on the agenda next week. This weekend was a reminder of the ongoing and changing nature of the war between Russia and Ukraine, and while recent developments may not have a direct impact on markets, their impact will certainly be felt. may spread to

There is no reason to deprive yourself of it.

Here’s what you need to know about the financial markets next week.

1. CPI and PPI reports

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) report for August is out this week. India will release report on Monday, Germany {{ecl-737||}, Spain will all release report on Tuesday, release report will release report on Wednesday release report on Thursday, all release report on Friday .

Producer Price Index (PPI) reports are also available on , (Tuesday), (Wednesday) and

Inflation is expected to moderate in the US, with monthly core CPI forecast at 0.3%, in line with last month’s figures. This marks the lowest consecutive reading since last fall. Headline CPI is expected to be -0.1% as falling gas prices continue to reduce pressure on inflation. is forecast to be -0.1%, up from 0.2% last month, to 0.3%.

These expectations are very different in Europe. The UK is expected to see her big rise of 0.8%, with CPI expected to rise another 0.6%. The Eurozone’s main consumer price index (CPI) is expected to rise by 0.5% from last month’s revised 0.1%. The same is to be expected for , as energy prices will always weigh heavily in the context of seasonal changes.

The ECB has already assessed the situation.

The ECB has already made its final move, raising interest rates by 75 basis points last week. The Fed is expected to stick to a rate hike of at least 50 basis points, if not 75 basis points, and the inflation report won’t shake that up, but President Jerome Powell shows signs that inflation is easing at least significantly. would definitely welcome.

The Bank of England, which was due to hold this week but has been postponed after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, has been put in charge by new Prime Minister Liz Truss and {has already announced major energy plans. is one of the factors that must be considered. She also receives one as additional data to put into her balance.

2. Key Earnings Report

The second quarter earnings season is almost over, but there are two major software companies reporting notable results.

Software giant Oracle (NYSE:) will report results after the close on Monday and expects first-quarter earnings to rise 4%, including its latest acquisition Cerner (NASDAQ:). Oracle recently received a target upgrade from global equity analysts and a purchase rating from the Guggenheim in light of its deal with Cerner, but like many software and technologies, it has adapted to a more challenging macroeconomic environment. Did. I started quitting my job. Therefore, reports and conference calls on the results are likely to be revealed.

Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:) will report earnings after the market closes on Thursday. The company is expected to record 7.3% revenue growth and 12.6% revenue growth for him. Analysts at Jefferies warn that the firm has not adjusted its forecasts for macroeconomic headwinds, only for currency impacts, which could lead to further disappointments. The company was disappointed by its last report, but its stock has since recovered. Adobe’s role as one of the first software companies to successfully transition to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model makes the report a useful benchmark.

3. Corebridge Financial IPO

Trading volatility in 2022 has left the IPO market suffering. Corebridge Financial is a spin-off from AIG (NYSE:), but will come to market through an IPO rather than a direct issue to AIG shareholders. Focuses on retirement solutions and insurance plans. The company is expected to start trading on Thursday, raising $1.68 billion to $1.92 billion for a valuation range of $13.6 billion to $15.6 billion, before taking into account fees and underwriter stock purchases. intend to do something.

4. Major investment conferences and Starbucks.investor day

As the summer ends and earnings season quiets down, many companies are heading out to meet with investors. Investor conferences and presentations are often strategic updates and announcements, shifts in sell-side and market analyst thinking, and even trading opportunities.

Investor’s Day is an opportunity for companies to evaluate their activities.

Some notable meetings or analyst days this week:

{{0}||Goldman Sachs}} Communopia + Technology Conference: MongoDB (NASDAQ:), Warner Bros. Discovery (NASDAQ:), Dynatrace (NYSE:), Dell Technologies (NYSE:), Airbnb Inc. (Nasdaq:), Snowflake Co., Ltd. (NYSE:), ServiceNow (NYSE:), T-Mobile US Inc (NASDAQ:), Pinterest (NYSE:), Visa (NYSE:)

Morgan Stanley has 20e Annual Global Healthcare Conference with companies like Moderna (Nasdaq:), Pfizer (NYSE:), Quidel (NASDAQ:), Merck & Company Inc. (NYSE:), Bausch & Lomb Corporation (NYSE:), AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:), Eli Lilly (NYSE:), Insulet (NASDAQ:), Quest Diagnostics (NYSE:).

{Barclays) Global Financial Services Conference, Cboe Global Markets Inc (NYSE:), US Bancorp (NYSE:), Huntington Bancshares (NASDAQ:), american express (NYSE:), JP Morgan (NYSE:), Allstate (NYSE:) and Robinhood (NASDAQ:).

Analyst Days Front lists Workday (NASDAQ:), Workiva (NYSE:), Corteva .

5. Russia-Ukraine situation and aftershocks

India’s stunning capture of an Indian city in northeastern India has caught the attention of observers around the world as a potential turning point in the war. Ukraine is also attacking Russian positions in the southern part of the country near Kherson, and it would strike a different tone if they maintained a two-pronged attack and succeeded in seizing and holding territory. .

Russia continues to increase economic pressure on Europe with the closure of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. is not difficult.It could put pressure on European countries to resolve their energy situation before winter arrives, making the inflation report I mentioned at the beginning of the article all the more relevant.

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