Ticketing: TicketTac and Surroundings Join Forces to Support Local Tourism

Figaro Group’s online ticket offices and digital platforms offer discounts on a wide variety of cultural activities to over 2,400 partner distributors in the surrounding area, including accommodation, tourism agencies and online sales platforms.

Alentour platform, which aims to improve accessibility to local tourism and leisure offers, will be open to all partner distributors present throughout the region, offering live shows, musicals, concerts, circuses and more from the catalog TicketTac to about Choose from 1,500 shows and activities. , amusement parks, guided tours…

This agreement between cultural ticketing and local tourism Increase the interface between supply and demand for leisure activities In the context of very strong growth in domestic tourism, confirmed by the impressive figures for the summer of 2022. This will enable Surroundings to offer the best cultural and leisure events to tourists staying in France and provide TicketTac with a strategic asset to enrich. In the catalog and discussions with producers.

Launched in September 2021 by the Banque des Territoires (Caisse des Dépôts Group) in partnership with Amadeus and Dawex as part of a tourism recovery plan, The environment facilitates the distribution and booking of leisure activities by connecting producers Physical facilities such as lodging establishments (hotels, campsites, lodges, inns, bed and breakfasts, tourist housing, etc.), tourism organizations (tourist offices, regional tourism boards, departmental tourism boards, etc.), and consumers Or any other audience hub online sales platform that is digital. Visitors can therefore access activities in different areas and book online with just a few clicks.

From its creation, Surroundings wanted to digitize the widest possible catalog of activities, helping leisure providers increase awareness and sales, and boost the local tourism ecosystem. In May 2022, he acquired Manawa.com, France’s leading outdoor activity booking site. Thanks to the TicketTac catalog, the cultural offering, an essential asset for the local tourism sector, is enhanced in the process of digitization.

“The Figaro Group is delighted to join forces with Surround, a young but already strong player in the French tourism industry. promote the local culture togetherIn a region where foreign settlement platforms are ubiquitous, it is essential to protect our sovereignty and this is the purpose of this alliance between two innovative and determined French groups. », declares Grégory HACHIN, Managing Director of TicketTac.

We are pleased to enrich our catalog with TicketTac’s show and leisure offers.This agreement will allow us to accelerate our mission of developing local tourism and facilitating cultural access for travelers staying in France. », comments Timothy de Roux, President of Surroundings.

About Ticket Tuck

Founded in 2004 and a subsidiary of the Figaro Group, TicketTac is the leading online ticketing site for live shows (theater, one-man shows, ballets, operas, etc.), amusement parks, musicals, concerts, circuses, guided tours and more. TicketTac offers around 10,000 show and leisure destinations across France, with discounts, exclusive offers and personalized recommendations available on all screens (website and mobile).

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