The Otium commercial site on the northern plateau of Dreux has a restaurant and a B&B hotel.

Dreux sur mer… This is the Leon de Brussels brand wink. With the opening of the restaurant in the Leisure Factory, the brand provides a display that gives the city the feel of a seaside resort. If seas haven’t yet reached the new leisure factory, built on the site of former carrier Delisle between RN12 and Les Coralines, its establishment will come with job creation.

5 weeks of training

According to the Promoter (BDM), this hub of leisure, catering and hotel accommodation activities “should create 160 jobs. “During the opening on Wednesday, Léon de Bruxelles has recruited around 30 people as waiters, dishwashers, cooks and supervisors…” and is still hiring for the kitchen, bar and dining room! “Like the Au Bureau restaurant, which opens in November, says Yoann Nouchy, manager of the new facility, 40 jobs will be created there. Léon de Brussels shows its ambitions by developing new designs in nautical decoration (from accessories to boats suspended from the ceiling!) Feels like you are in Droux-sur-Mer “This restaurant develops Ralph Lauren’s seaside concept,” says Erwan Rainier. CEO of Leon de Brussels

Dreux’s Otium site: Why aren’t the stores open yet?

This restaurant chain has 80 establishments and serves a variety of fish dishes, not to mention its famous mussels and French fries.

“To be and to know how”

For the Dreux site, the manager explained that they received a high volume of recruitment requests through the Pôle emploi and training organization (OPUS). In order to get ready to open and fit into the Leon de Brussels ‘mold’, the future waiter, cook and dishwasher will undergo his 5-week training in brand values ​​(theory and practice in group restaurants). Benefited (reception, quality of service). , hygiene, etc.)

“We focus on people. We need know-how and know-how. We are promoting. »

The B&B hotel, which will open at the end of November, will employ more than a dozen people.

Pôle Emploi Dreux assists with local recruitment.

Emmanuel Viollier, Director of Pôle emploi Dreux, provides a mid-term update on the Otium project.

In an economy with an unemployment rate of 8.5%, the provision of leisure factories appears to be a bright spot on the employment front. “To date, more than 100 jobs have been created. We have supported all the openings, from the first establishment over a year ago to the most recent Au Bureau, which were mainly focused on the catering sector.” confides Emmanuel Viollier.

Regarding support, the Pôle emploi boss explains: We focused on people with professional skills. »

Diverse and Diverse Work

Of the 100 people hired, some didn’t have long resumes, except for managerial positions. Regarding the future of leisure facilities, Pôle emploi said that for the time being, “future opportunities are uncertain”. Emmanuel Viollier said of Otium’s economic and social appeal: »

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