The capital should be out in a few months…

Planned decorative lighting, lower temperatures in buildings and pools… After Lille and Marseille, which have already announced similar measures, and before Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon, the capital “sets an example” in lowering energy consumption. 10% of the hopes, or ‘objectives demanded at the national level,’ announced Mayor PS Anne Hidalgo. These initial measures should allow us to achieve savings of about 60 gigawatt-hours “in the next few weeks”, or 80% of her target, with other measures to be added “before winter.” said City Hall.

Energy prices have exploded in recent months on the back of tensions linked to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, prompting individuals, businesses or public bodies in many countries to cut consumption. According to Hidalgo, so far he has paid €54 million a year for gas and electricity.For Paris, a city with an €8 billion budget, the situation represents a potential additional cost of his €35 million. leads to

In early autumn, from September 23rd, Parisians and tourists will notice the difference when the lights on the City Hall façade end at 10pm. This is about the iconic City Hall, the City Hall that went dark at 1 am, the District City Halls, the 14 Municipal Museums (Petit Palais, Carnavalet), the Tower of Saint-Jacques and much more. The tower will turn off lights at 11:45 PM instead of 1:00 AM as before when the last visitor leaves. Anne Hidalgo urges states to “do the same” with national monuments and private owners to take steps to “go in the same direction.” The mayor, meanwhile, denies removing streetlights, citing “security” reasons. Bridges and churches are also unaffected.

Colder water…

Not surprisingly, the city will also lower the temperature inside the building by 1 degree, including the water in the 40 pools. So the thermometer rises from 19°C to 18°C ​​inside the building during the day and to 12°C in the evenings and weekends when no one is around. The city hall emphasized that the application would be “progressive according to the quality of the building”, regardless of where it welcomes vulnerable people, such as dependent elderly accommodation (Ehpad) or day care centres. doing. The city will also shift he doubles the heating in the administration building. An Hidalgo also announced that in the morning “every 30 minutes”, from October he will be “closer to winter” in November. The mayor, who took office in 2014, recalled investments of “€10 billion for ecological transitions,” including $1 billion for insulation renovations in buildings.

Private condominiums account for 40% of consumption in Paris, but compared to 4% for municipal services, said Dan Lert, Assistant to the Ecological Transition (EELV), “Compared to previous orders, 3% I recalled the measures allocated for doubling the number of private housing units renovated: City Hall hopes to renovate 40,000 homes annually by 2030. As for public housing, of which Some 60,000 homes have already been renovated, increasing average energy consumption by 54%, saving €400 per family per year, the city hall claims.

In the face of this crisis and global warming, he argued that “we must accelerate the energy transition” and called for the mobilization of all stakeholders “whether public or buildings, hotels, supermarkets, department stores, etc.) will also reduce consumption by at least 10%.

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