The 29th Tourism Fair to Discover New Islands

Tahiti, 16 September 2022 – 29the The tourism fair will take place from September 30th to October 2nd at the Mama’o Expo Park. The event, which normally takes place early in the month, has now been postponed this year due to high attendance at tourist accommodation. For these same reasons, travel possibilities were extended to his March 30th, emphasizing secluded and less popular destinations.

After the last edition in February, marked by health restrictions due to Covid, the tourism fair returns as before, or almost this month in September. there is. Date first. Originally he was scheduled to take place on September 2nd, but at the request of many services his providers, the event was eventually postponed from his September 30th to October 2nd at the end of the month. I was.

“We are in a very high tourist season and many accommodations and hotels have already asked the Tahiti Tourism Board to postpone the show, as many accommodations and hotels were already full in September.”, Moearii Darius, Head of Strategic Marketing at Air Tahiti, explains: “As a result, we have also extended the length of our stay, usually around three months, but here we go even further and give travelers more possibilities, especially to prepare for the low season from January to March. so that we can provide This time, until March 30, 2023, you can travel for a fair price that includes the major holidays in December and January. Every year, we close the application for accommodation around December 10th.

As with previous editions, from Monday 26th September, one week before the show, you can pre-book your flights by phone, online or through an Air Tahiti agent or in person at the airline stand during the show. I can do it. 3 days of the show. Different levels of discounts up to 50% are offered depending on the type of accommodation, destination, travel dates and available booking classes.

New provider, but less pension

On the stand side, more than 200 exhibitors are expected, including 89 land, water and air activities. “This year we have 35 new service providers. We take a responsible, sustainable and genuine tourism approach, so these are activities that are close to nature and there are many hikes.” Vaima Deniel, Local Operations Director of Tahiti Tourism, explains: “We have 58 pensions, which is a little less than usual, but still enough. We used to have 80-90 people. Some annuities need to inflate their reservations for the period from January to January.”

In addition to these 58 pensions, there are also 12 hotels, 7 tourist accommodations and 1 cruise company. The Hilton Hotel and Aranui, along with guest houses on lesser-visited islands such as Makatea and Kauehi, are newcomers he’s one. In addition, these more distant destinations, the Tuamotu, lead the way, but the Marquesas, the Austral Islands and The Gambia also make headlines this year. “Tourism fairs are an opportunity to discover destinations outside of the Leeward Islands, which are in the highest demand and are already sold out. I’m confident.” Vaima Deniel continues.

Offer a discount card until the end of the show

Air Tahiti will continue to offer the ‘Free 5 Islands Card’ until October 2nd to encourage the public to travel further off the beaten path. This can be done directly on site. Normally priced at 8,000 XPF, but now free, the other he visits the four archipelagos and then avails the round trip to the archipelago for a period of up to a year and a half. Air Tahiti Discount Cards (Youth, Family, Marama) will also be offered until the end of the show.

As usual, catering areas and crèche are provided, as well as several activities such as flight simulators, traditional workshops and relaxation areas. A tuk-tuk will allow you to travel between the show held at Mamao Expo Park and the city center. “This year, we have strengthened our team to reduce customer expectations.” Moary Darius concludes. “There are about 30 counters with about 60 agents taking turns, assisted by about 10 BTS Tourism students, not to mention agents in charge of information, logistics and IT. So we are waiting for you!”


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