Small towns of tomorrow: Doullens doubles down on projects

Picardy La Gazette: Could you introduce us to your town?

Christine Winter: Darren’s is a town of 6,000 people, but has been stagnant with a population decline of 500 over the last decade. This decline can be explained by the closure of many public services, especially air force bases.

we are at the bottom of the valley. Due to wetland regulations, the land can no longer be built, but some families don’t want to renovate their homes and want to build a pavilion.

A revision of the Intermunicipal PLU is in progress. Our municipality map will be released in early 2023. This will allow us to serve the land. We want to launch a programmed housing improvement business within the framework of the small towns of tomorrow. We hope some of it will be put back on the market for sale or rental.

Darrens, a city full of life.

Darrens is still a charming town, but what are its main assets?

Darrens has a large public school center and another large private school center, operated by the University and Montalembert High School, which has about 2,500 students.

We recognize that Doullens play a central role and that parents are educating themselves on the spot.

There are three great companies: Acia, Saica Pack and Nutriboo. When it comes to crafts, the electrical and plumbing fields are under pressure. Residents are very attached to local businesses. Some cells are free, but owners don’t want to rent or sell. We ask the Amiens Picardy Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce for their support.

The city also has five supermarkets, one of which moved back to the city center instead of the train station a few years ago to prevent a consumer exodus. The next extension opens the Darty store.

It also benefits from the “Ville Fleurie 3 étoiles” label, which recognizes the work of the municipal team. Like the Thursday morning market, this also contributes to its charm. This year, the Saint-Martin Fair, which takes place the weekend following November 11th, will take place over his three days on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, bringing the animals back to life.

And what about medical provision?

Offers are also important and more dense. Our hospital employs 510 people and has temporary doctors. It is equipped with a scanner and hopes to benefit from an MRI soon, and is awaiting a response from the Regional Health Department.8 dialysis beds will be installed soon. These are essential facilities to prevent people from going to Arras or Amiens.

The old people’s home is being rebuilt. There is a medical center, but there is a shortage of dentists and ophthalmologists. At the general practitioner level the situation is tense and settling in Doullens has benefited especially from his €50,000 install his bonus from his ARS.

What other equipment do you have?

It has a 100-seat cinema, an inter-municipal conservatory, a library, a 450-seat performance hall, a tourist office, co-working spaces and three meeting rooms in the former sub-prefecture. attended,

On the sports front, a community swimming center will open in October and an artificial soccer field will be built in November. This requires him to invest 1 million euros. It has a large climbing wall, a shooting range, two gymnasiums, and a dojo. A big drawback is that cities like ours don’t have train stations or train connections. Unfortunately it closed about 40 years ago…

Darrens is home to a beautiful heritage…

Indeed, we have some gems. The main project surrounds the citadel belonging to the county council. There used to be a footpath leading from the city center to the citadel, but there is no longer a royal bridge. The bridge will be rebuilt, reconnecting the citadel and making it possible to organize cultural and musical activities…

Road access is dangerous and a roundabout will be built soon. We are happy to see Citadel becoming more and more frequent and bringing new customers to our restaurants and hotels.

Our town hall has a command room on the ground floor, where on March 26, 1918, the French and British delegates convened and handed over command of the Allied forces to General Foch. We want it to be an integral part of the memory circuit.

Our city center has typical buildings with brick and stone façades, some of which date back to the 18th century.e century. The 1613 bell tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also ruins of the 13th-century Saint-Pierre church.e century, contemporaneous Church of Notre-Dame, burial of 1583 classified Historic Monuments. The Lombard Museum is called the Museum of France. Until the end of December, the former Marc Leveaux swimming pool in the city center hosts a street art exhibition. Transition: Pool, hopes to attract new viewers. After that, the swimming pool should be demolished and replaced with a serviced residence for the elderly.

The citadel, one of the jewels of the city.

The local government is very advanced in the program Small Towns Please let me know the details tomorrow.

We have been hiring project managers since the beginning of the year, 50% by the municipality and 50% by the municipality community. The small towns of tomorrow are great devices that can help you on a diagnostic, financial and engineering level.

We lost business even though the city center is dynamic. We need the small towns of tomorrow. The first project is Microforie, a digital museum that will launch at the Lombard Museum next November. It is a great opportunity for the population and schools to have access to the works of the National Gallery. Maison France Services will be temporarily installed in the premises of the municipality’s community in October. Maison Sport Sante, which accompanies people over 50 with medical conditions almost free of charge, will briefly see the light of day at the conservatory in September. By the end of 2023, a new structure will open behind the Town Hall. This he is a one-stop-shop for two services and future homes. The town hall is still a landmark for people.

It also has an urban development program. There are too many cars in the city center and you have to be environmentally conscious. Place Eugène Andreu will be partially pedestrianized and traffic reoriented so that restaurants can set up real terraces. Place Thélu, the car park will be relocated and the boulevard Maréchal-Haïg leading to the citadel will be redesigned because it is too large. Between the Lavarenne district and the Rouval industrial area, a fresh island will be created on the former Carabins poplar plantation.

The goal is to green this parking lot on Place Thelu.

Doullens has some badlands, but what will happen to them?

There are actually four wastelands. Two industrial wastelands, one from Montalembert High School and one from Monoprix in the city centre. The municipality has an interest in acquiring over 12,500 m² of wasteland in Montalambert and developing it in partnership with public land facilities.

This project is part of the opening of the entire citadel. As a group accommodation site, I want to create a unique accommodation facility. A building can have an artistic, cultural, or tourism mission.

For Monoprix, Epsoms Georges-Couthon is looking to offer all-inclusive housing with a concierge and local products sales area on the first and first floors.

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