Record summer for tourism

At the end of two years of a pandemic, the desire for vacations prevails and amid bad news at the start of the new school year, the result of the French tourist season is out of place: the hotel/restaurant sector is already in a record year We have regained frequency levels similar to what we had in 2019. Olivia Gregoire, Ministerial Representative for Small Business, Trade, Crafts and Tourism, recently released her first tourism report.

Then two and a half years latercomplicated, the season exceptionalMinister commented. On the customer side, 35 million French went on vacation. So last year he was 6 out of 10, he’s 7 out of 10. In addition, foreign customers are regaining momentum. This is especially true for European, American and Gulf customers who benefited from favorable exchange rates. Only Asians, Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans missed.

On the supply side, all tourism stakeholders are benefiting from this influx. Especially in the open-air hotel industry, France’s first tourist accommodation, the number of nights until mid-August has increased by 6% compared to his 2021. Abandoned during the pandemic, the Parisian star has regained his customers.In transportation, SNCF sold his record 23 million tickets in July and August, boosting supply It got to the point where I had to increase it. And leisure parks have seen an influx of visitors… Overall, spending in most leisure-related sectors exceeded the levels of 2019. According to Bercy, accommodation and catering Credit card spending is over 10% higher than he was in 2019.

fundamental change

The very good summer results are all the more impressive as the conditions weren’t easy. ” Olivia Grégoire commented. Neither inflation nor extreme climate change nor labor shortages ultimately prevented the season from being held. moreover, “It’s not over yet.Signals about the offseason are very positiveAdded Minister. His September bookings in the hotel industry bode well for significant attendance.

Business tourism, which has been greatly affected by the pandemic, will also need to reopen. For Atou France, which is responsible for promoting tourism, the country must therefore remain a top tourist destination in the world. Inflation levels, which were more subdued than in other European countries, contributed to this.

There are some caveats.0% of French have never been on vacation“I am reminded of Olivia Grégoire, who aims to develop social tourism. In addition, Atou France remains cautious about the consequences of the winter season. there is.

“Signals regarding the second half of the season are very positive,” he added.

The tourism sector accounts for about 8% of GDP and 2 million direct and indirect jobs. According to Bercy, €38 billion in aid was provided during the two-year crisis. And from November 2021 onwards, he will be covered by the ‘Destination France Plan’, which aims to consolidate France as one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, with a contribution of €2 billion over three years. However, quantitative targets must comply with energy conservation mandates set by governments for years to come and applied across the economy. Challenges with the transition to more sustainable forms of tourism.

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