Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral ‘largest police operation ever conducted’ in Britain

Police in front of Windsor Castle during a broadcast ceremony in strict privacy prior to Queen Elizabeth II's burial. - Loic Venance

Police in front of Windsor Castle during a broadcast ceremony in strict privacy prior to Queen Elizabeth II’s burial. – Loic Venance

Friday’s attack on two police officers, hundreds of meters from the Palace of Westminster in London, where the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is exposed, is a reminder that the threat is never far away.Sovereignty, Sept. 8 Since his death, British authorities have worked hard to prepare for a funeral that promises to be historic. Logistics and security challenges.

Thousands of Britons had waited for hours since Wednesday to gather in front of the deceased monarch’s coffin. Access had to be suspended due to congestion.

Based on this, British authorities estimate that between 750,000 and 1 million people could attend the funeral on Monday in the streets of London.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said a few days ago, “I don’t think the city has ever experienced this.” “

“Massive Challenge”

Bob Broadhurst, who oversaw Kate and William’s marriage, or the 2012 Olympic wedding, assures the British daily. Guardian That the authorities are now facing a real ‘puzzle’ in the face of multiple threats.

Terrorist attacks, demonstrations, especially anti-monarchism, crowd movements… The Queen’s funeral is complicated to organize because “the royal family wants to be seen and they want to be close to the public” is. Sheriff.

This large crowd comes to pay final respects to Queen Elizabeth II, especially during the procession between Westminster Hall and Westminster Abbey, where the Queen’s funeral takes place. His 2,000 people were invited to the ceremony, including her 300 heads of state and their team members from around the world. “It’s like organizing his 100 state visits at once,” said one officer quoted by the BBC.

The Metropolitan Police’s newest boss, London Police, has admitted there have been “huge challenges” in terms of security, but authorities have “prepared for years and years to host a safe event”. .

“This is the largest police operation ever carried out by British police,” said Simon Morgan, a former officer in charge of protecting the royal family. News.


When the climate conference COP26 took place in Glasgow last fall, 10,000 police guarded the event each day. Their number should be at least the same, if not more, for this funeral day. Police officers from Northern Ireland and Scotland have already been there for at least two weeks to strengthen the ranks.

The Army is also involved in the deployment of 1,500 officers from the British military police, the Royal Military Police. Snipers should be placed on rooftops, like the Queen’s Coffin Procession in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Professor Fussey, a professor of sociology at the University of Essex, said: “Given the threat, and given that in London spaces are pitch black with people, it makes sense to make this development.” . “They are deployed at major events. We had snipers at the Olympics. When you do a truly exceptional event like this, you need to give the police a more military character.”

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