Putin does not see conflict as a ‘mistake’, German Chancellor says

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Ursula von der Leyen defends sanctions against Russia, Zelensky promises victory to Ukrainians, German officials call attention to Kyiv counterattack … Le Figaro 203 assesses the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on Wednesday, September 14e war day.

Putin calls the war in Ukraine a ‘errorscholz says

Vladimir Putin calls the war in Ukraine a “error“At Wednesday’s press conference, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was asked about the previous day’s meeting with the Russian president.”Unfortunately, I cannot say that there is a growing recognition that starting this war was a mistake.‘ said Olaf Scholz from Berlin.

And according to him, Putin’s opinion will not change:”No signs of new positions emerging there“German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who had a 90-minute phone conversation with the Russian president on Tuesday, said heHoweverTalk to each other and say what we had to say. “Because I firmly believe that Russia must withdraw and its forces must withdraw.‘, he hit with a hammer. “And it becomes more and more clear that this is the only prospect“It is possible,” he continued.

Ukrainian grain must go “preferentiallyTo poor countries, Putin tells Guterres

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ruled that Ukrainian grain should be given up.”preferentiallyTo the countries most in need, in a telephone interview with UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Wednesday.

During these discussions,Attention was mainly directed to the implementation of the Istanbul Agreement on Exports of Ukrainian Cereals (…).Both sides stressed the importance of prioritizing people in Africa, the Near East and Latin America in need of foodThe Kremlin said in a statement. The Kremlin, in particular, claims that most Ukrainian food products are exported to European countries, which Kyiv denies and complains about obstacles to Russia’s grain and fertilizer exports.

Ursula von der Leyen defends sanctions against Moscow: Time is “do not appease»

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday that the sanctions imposed on Russia for the war in Ukraine must be maintained and that the time has not come for easing.Let me be clear, the sanctions are not about to be lifted.It’s time for decision, not appeasement.“, she launched in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

promisesolidarityThe President of the European Commission has ensured that the EU is committed to European relations with Ukraine and to Moscow.”drastic reformIn order to respond to soaring energy prices, the power marketI will go to Kyiv today to meet President Zelensky“, to discuss”In detailContinuing European aid was also addressed to MEPs on the state of the EU this morning.

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In the reconquered city of Izium, Zelensky promisesvictory» About Russians

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promised on Wednesday.”victoryAttacks on his people from the strategic city of Izium were recaptured from the Russians during a surprise counterattack, but Moscow said it was determined to continue its attacks on Ukraine. This was the first visit by a Ukrainian head of state to the Kharkiv region, which has been almost completely reconquered by his forces in just 15 days since its liberation earlier this month.

A pre-war city of about 50,000 inhabitants, Izhioum was the subject of heavy fighting in the spring before it was taken over by Russian forces, who used it strategically as a supply depot. . Its reconquista by Kyiv is therefore a setback for Russian forces that have withdrawn to Donetsk, an area under Kremlin control since 2014.It’s just going in one direction towards victory.” Zelensky wrote in Telegram.

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Surrounded by armed bodyguards, the khaki president wore a patch.”ukraine or die”, according to the photo of the president. In the video, he compared the destruction of Idium to the destruction of Butcha, a town near Kyiv where Russian troops withdrew in the spring, leaving behind the corpses of cold-blooded civilians. Abuses Moscow denies having committed. “It’s the same: buildings destroyed, people killed.It is part of our history, part of the modern Russian state‘, he said in English, but did not elaborate on these accusations against the Russian occupiers of Idium.

Ukraine counterattacks: senior German officer calls for caution

German military inspector General Eberhard Zorn on Wednesday called for a warning about a Ukrainian counterattack, but said it was not enough.push Russia back on a broad front“. The Ukrainian army is now in commandA counterattack that allows you to reconquer specific parts of a location or front, but does not force Russia to retreat on a broad front.]expected to top the weekly ranking concentrationBut Kyiv, according to him “perform operations intelligently (…) in a sovereign and highly mobile manner“.”Two weeks ago, I would have said that the entire Donbass would be in Russian hands within six months.Today I say they won’t workGeneral Zone warns.

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Send your electricity bill to Moscow!»: The battle between von der Leyen and LFI MEP Manon Aubry

MEP Manon Aubry (La France insoumise) on Wednesday brandished an energy bill from an individual held to the throat in front of the European Commission president in Strasbourg. “you know what? Send them to Moscow!“Ursula von der Leyen countered. did.

Electricity bill increased by 113 euros per month and (…) I’m not sure if I can heat myself this winter For Gilles, for Grégoire: 2300 euros for gas in just 6 months, this winter About Bridget thinking she might have to stop eating and turning on the lights.‘, she elaborated. “This crisis is not only the result of the disastrous war in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin’s infamous threats, but it is also the product of an economic system whose flaws must be recognized.‘ she denounced.

After a while, when I spoke to the parliamentarian again, Ursula von der Leyen counterattacked.”Mrs. Aubrey, the bills you showed us, yes they are “intolerable”. But what do you know?Send those bills to Moscow, there’s a manager thereThe Germans said they had presented proposals to curb soaring gas and electricity prices.super profitReduced energy groups and reduced peak EU consumption.

France rejects demand to lift yacht seizure linked to Russian oligarchs

A British Virgin Islands company is seeking interim relief from a megayacht seizure.Amore VeroIt was stuck in a French port as part of sanctions against Russian oligarchs.

A white yacht 86 meters long, with a pool that can be converted into a helipad, and an estimated value of over €100 million love bello It was blocked by French customs at the La Ciotat shipyard east of Marseille on March 3, 2022, one week after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The French Ministry of Economy and Finance has since confirmed that the ship is owned by a company linked to Igor Sechin, the boss of Russian oil giant Rosneft and close to President Vladimir Putin.was within the freezing measures determined for the ownerby the European Union.like a boathad made arrangements for an emergency start“, it was seized and not simply blocked (frozen) by the French authorities.

More than half a year later, it is still moored at La Ciotat port and is under surveillance. This immobilization was one of the first concrete signs that Vladimir Putin’s relatives were cornering luxury goods in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Pope criticizesinstrumentation» Russia stands at the crosshairs of religion

Pope Francis to Kazakhstan “instrumentalization of the sacredAgainst the backdrop of diplomatic and religious tensions linked to the war in Ukraine, amid clear criticism of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill. He said he was ready for a new meeting between Cyril, a staunch defender of the attack, and the Argentine Pope, who had repeatedly condemned it.brutal attack” When “BarbaricWhile trying to keep the dialogue open with Moscow.

The opening ceremony of the interfaith congress in the capital, Nur-Sultan, was attended by world leaders, but not by Kirill.never justify violenceIn an unspoken jab at the Russian Patriarch who called critics of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.”forces of evil“.”The sacred is not an appendage of power, and the power is not an appendage of the sacred‘, he declared, before being applauded by 100 delegations from 50 countries with various confessions.

This summer he had already decided that the Russian Orthodox Patriarch should not be changed.”As Putin’s altar boy”, a statement that irritated the Moscow Patriarchate. Nevertheless, the Pope spoke for 15 minutes in Kazakhstan on Wednesday with Metropolitan Anthony of Volokolamsk. ”Minister of Foreign Affairs» From Kirill, who judged the interview «cordialThe encounter between the twopossibility“If she”well prepared“.

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