Pure and natural*, Evian has been the water of babies and mothers for over 50 years!

The adventures of pregnancy, the first few months of life and breastfeeding are fascinating and unique experiences that raise many questions among prospective and young parents. Hydration is specific and must be taken seriously. Choosing water that respects the most fragile organisms is essential. For over 50 years, Evian Natural Mineral Water is the ideal companion during these critical times, from pregnancy to the newborn’s daily routine. Its unique mineral composition gives it a naturally neutral and balanced taste, perfect for daily hydration for young and old.

A unique purity born in the heart of the French Alps

Evian’s natural mineral water is delivered directly from the French Alps. Its first characteristic is its natural purity*. And “natural” means that it has not undergone any chemical treatment, has not been altered, and has not been touched by humans. She has hiked the underground glacial rocks of the mountains for over 15 years. Thus a beautiful journey that protects it from all human contamination and allows it to acquire its own ideal mineral composition for the hydration of mother and baby. This long journey also creates a neutral, fresh taste that is characteristic. Therefore, Evian perfectly satisfies the need for ‘natural’ hydration in the noble sense of the word. Water is a product of nature, and it has provided us generously for thousands of years.

It is therefore not surprising that Evian water has been recognized as a Natural Mineral Water by the Academy of Medicine for over 50 years.

Its composition makes it the perfect water for hydrating your baby.

For a long time (over 50 years!) Evian has accompanied 1 year old babies and their mothers by providing them with spring water for hydration. Over time, the brand has become a baby expert.

A baby’s body up to 6 months is made up of 75% water, unlike an adult’s body which is made up of 60% water. Did you know that the water in his body is renewed every 15 days he is 3 times faster than in an adult?Therefore, a baby’s water per kilogram of his per day The requirement is three times that of an adult**. We understand why choosing the best water for hydration is essential when diversifying your diet.

A baby’s developing body requires low-mineral water (less than 1000 mg/l) daily. Evian water has a low total mineral content (345 mg/l), is stable over time and has a neutral pH (pH=7.2). All 43 quality and purity standards issued by ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety) are strictly met to make it suitable for babies. Great for hydration as it respects the developing organism.

Pure, Natural Hydration During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding*

Are you pregnant and have you noticed that you are thirstier than usual? This is completely normal. Pregnant women have a much higher need for water to supply and renew the amniotic fluid that surrounds their baby.

So drink, drink! The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA 2010) recommends a maximum of 1.8 liters/day (all sources combined). But you shouldn’t drink only water. Evian Natural Mineral Water is easy to drink and has a pleasant taste, making it the ideal composition for hydrating future mothers and fetuses…

Breastfeeding requires even more water than during pregnancy (up to 2.2 L/day (EFSA 2010)). Breast milk is mostly water, so you need to give it enough to satisfy your baby’s appetite. Drink regularly as you would during pregnancy. Evian water can be drunk all day long.

Find Evian Mineral Water in 6L format. Perfect for pregnancy, nursing and hydration for the whole family.

Evian, a brand that supports the new generation of moms and dads

Symbolizing parent and child, the Evian brand fully understands today’s parent-child relationship. A new generation is turning its back on the old conventions inherent in education: authority, rigor, submission… Being a young mother or young father is no longer a constraint but an opportunity to find happiness. are in a new state of mind and reinventing their own code. They claim a thirst for freedom, a strong desire for authenticity. They form almost amicable relationships with their children and true accomplices to facilitate their liberation.

This new, uninhibited, positive parenting is an integral part of the Evian brand identity, which is why it accompanies so well with today’s young parents.

Evian’s Commitment to Certified Environments

Such natural mineral water sources must be protected effectively and sustainably.Evian is fully and concretely committed to protecting the ecosystem. The brand is B Corp™ certified. A label that recognizes a company’s high social and environmental performance.

Killing two birds with one stone, Evian Natural Mineral Water provides healthy, natural hydration for future mothers, nursing mothers and babies… (and the whole family, of course!). is certified for The best choice we certainly approve!

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