Press conference with President Emmanuel Macron and President of the European Council Charles Michel.

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I pray for the happiness of those I haven’t met yet. President, Dear Charles Michel, French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, I would like to thank you for being here today in Paris for the launch of this Rotating Presidency. Because, as always, this dialogue is permanent and has a certain effect beyond these visits.

Before I say a few words today I clearly wanted to express our deepest grief following the disappearance of David Sassoli in the last hours. Not the chairman, but a friend who was with us in Strasbourg at the beginning of December. And I must say our great sadness to learn of his disappearance. Here I would like to express my condolences to his family, friends, the people of Italy and all European parliamentarians.

We have clearly discussed with President Charles Michel the major challenges ahead of us in the coming weeks and months. We know that it is our duty to build a stronger Europe. So much of our discussion will focus on these major international issues and the role of the European Union in Russia and Ukraine. I was guessing

First of all, we must maintain a firm stance in the face of the threat of aggression, maintain channels of dialogue to find ways to reconciliation, and create for ourselves a common security structure among Europeans. We advocate a European approach that combines our desire to build. and for our neighborhood. And I think it’s our responsibility to continue this work, in addition to our strategic compass. This is what we will be doing in the coming weeks and months. In this context and in this regard, the Normandy form has a structuring role, which France and Germany, together with the European Union, continue to support.

In this context, our common responsibility as Europeans is also to continue the work and relations between the European Union and China. In this aspect our approach is one of unity, of solidarity, but also of the will to advance the themes on which Central European debate is structured.

The climate is one of them. The problems of the African continent need it, and we need to be able to assess our ability to advance this agenda in the coming weeks. On Africa, we have an important summit to be held in Brussels in February, and we talked about that in detail. Our common desire is to forge a truly new alliance and rebuild the partnership between the European Union and the African Union, in order to reduce inequalities, meet health challenges and make proposals, in a way And to do it with young people and for young people. Find effective mechanisms to invest in green infrastructure, support prosperity and peace, promote more sustainable mobility, and combat illegal immigration, especially human traffickers and smugglers. These are the main agendas of this summit that I have mentioned, which I will hold together with President Michel in close contact with President von der Leyen and all Member States.

We also have important meetings in the coming weeks. The ‘One Ocean’ Summit in Brest on February 11th. Europe has a strong vision of fighting climate change, conserving biodiversity, fighting pollution and fighting illegal fishing in this area and we will implement this common ambition, We will be able to advance ocean governance and knowledge.

Finally, an informal summit on March 10th and 11th on the New European Growth Model will build our sovereignty in terms of digital technology, climate, security, defense, common investments and common desires. It is a method for And the resulting macroeconomic model, the investment and growth options that emerge from it.

Here we will only cover a few themes that will be booming in the coming months and have been discussed so far. Clearly, we have many other legislative priorities and many other subjects moving forward. It is in the context of the Trilogue, in the context of discussions of different maturity levels within the European Council, on digital, migration issues, social European issues, etc. I don’t want to stay here too long.

In any case, I thank President Charles Michel for his visit to Paris today, thank him for the exchange that has been so fruitful for us and congratulate him again for all the joint work that will take place over the coming weeks and months. Say what you feel. And this desire to move our Europe forward together and to do useful work around some of the major conferences I have just mentioned.


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