Population, Suicide, Justice and Politics: 1 News Monday 19 September 2022

Most of the news in New Caledonia this morning is this study highlighting the declining population, the sensitive issue of the youngest’s suicide, two political guests, or the near establishment of a criminal court.

New Caledonia fell below 270,000. According to Isee, the trend he observed between 2015 and 2019 has increased over the past two years. In addition to the declining birth rate, there is an exodus of a certain number of residents. Net immigration remained negative for He in 2020 and He in 2021. The excess mortality rate at the end of last year must also be taken into account under the influence of the Covid crisis.

Bullying at school, personal attacks on the internet, illness… Suicide spares the youngest. Fifteen percent of 10- to 18-year-olds had seriously considered suicide in the 12 months prior to the survey, according to their exclusive updated health barometer. doing. It’s a difficult subject to discuss, especially when it concerns the youngest, but parents must provoke discussion, he affirms SOS Ecoute. The structure provides a free telephone service 05 30 30 7 days a week. It can be found on the site during the day.

The political news was marked by Jean-François Karenco’s ministerial visit, which ended last weekend, and the prospect of the next deadline. Loyalist Gil Burial was our morning guest to discuss the matter this Monday. Yesterday he was JT, as was Milakulo Tukumuli from Oceanic Awakening.
We have two interviews on our site today.

A system of divisional criminal courts, which has been on trial since 2019, aims to clear the patrol blockage. In New Caledonia, this court saw the light of day in his January. And it will no longer consist of citizens chosen by lot, but only professional magistrates. our difficulty? A limited number of magistrates.

What will the ‘New Caledonian maritime hub’ look like in the end? After years of waiting, the project should be unveiled at the end of the morning in Noumea. Press conference at Numbo.

This unprecedented phenomenon, Nan Madol, one of the most powerful typhoons ever seen, threatens Japan in the region. Seven million people were asked to evacuate. The Japan Meteorological Agency announced winds of over 230 km/h, raging waves and torrential rain. The island of Kyushu was considered particularly endangered. As a result, trains have stopped, hundreds of flights have been canceled, and schools and shops have been closed.

It’s hard to conjure it without considering these images of Guadeloupe’s devastation after the passage of Storm Fiona. President Emmanuel Macron announced this Sunday the mobilization of relief funds for overseas territories. He asked Jean-François Karenco, the minister’s representative, to go there. The storm caused one death and extensive damage.

The Queen’s funeral is tonight. The event will be broadcast live in Australia and New Zealand. But even in the first 8pm NC after JT. Heads of state from around the world have gathered in London as campervans have occupied sidewalks for two days in hopes of “saying goodbye” to Queen Elizabeth II. gathered in front of the coffin of Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is also in England and has 10 compatriots. An event expected to cost the UK more than her 4.7 billion CFP.

Back in Caledonia, remember that this weekend they discovered a new mistake. 26-year-old Océan Le Goff was elected at the Mont-d’Or Cultural Center on Saturday night. His next goal is to win the national championship in December. A goal she pursues parallel to her work as a bank advisor.

health now. A week ago, midwives’ unions condemned utter disrespect and lack of support from authorities.What about the exercise of occupation within the territory What are the working conditions of the 130 practitioners? What can be done to better recognize this essential profession? The subject is being discussed today on NC’s first radio. country issues, After lunch.

‘What to do if you start to get sick at home?’ This is the theme of the Carers’ Conference this Monday at 5:30 pm at Noumea City Hall. Moments of communion offered by the Communal Center for Social Action and the Noumea Dene Lions Club to those who attend to the elderly and sick on a daily basis.

More than 1 tonne of drug was recovered in the Southern provinces over the course of three months. From April to June he delivered drugs that many Caledonians had expired or no longer used. All within the framework of a fundraising campaign that must be sustained.

And unprecedented in France. Health officials count more than 41 indigenous cases of dengue fever. Tiger mosquitoes are multiplying in the country this year.

Like every September, Ademe and the government devote a week to ecomobility. Caledonia has a lot of work to do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An emergency in the fight against climate change. Excluding mining and metallurgy, her CO2 emissions per inhabitant here and annually amount to his 15.7 tons. Almost double that of mainland France. But to limit global warming to 1.5°C per year, we need to stay below 2 tons. And one of the ways to achieve this is by abandoning individual cars.

Mont d’Or’s town hall has made it a priority to combat the noise in its neighbourhoods, which causes noise pollution. The first grounds for appeal cited by the police, i.e. 955 facts recorded in 2021: music, screaming, annoying barking, gardening, DIY… Municipalities are creating master plans for public tranquility and this To that end, we plan to collect the following visions: Mondrian on this theme. Four consultation sessions are scheduled in early October (registration form on the municipal website).

In the field of sports, one word of soccer. Cheeky match of Antoine Combouale. FC Nantes hung on the lens at home. After his second consecutive defeat in Ligue 1, Nantes stopped bleeding yesterday afternoon. Final score: 0 – 0.

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