Parental Burnout: 5 Podcasts to Talk About It

Being a parent has never been easier. But in her past year, things have gotten worse for many mothers and fathers exhausted by the stress of the pandemic, managing school at home, and working from home, which isn’t always easy to set up if you have kids at home. . The announcement of a third national confinement and school closures has left many of them in distress.

According to one study, 5% of French parents suffer from parental burnout. Slate has selected five podcasts to help you better manage the anxiety, fatigue, and emotional strain that comes with parenthood.

burn out

“Exhausted Parents”
feet on the ground
french culture
28 minutes

“I’m scared of going crazy. I’m trying to teach my daughter to manage her emotions, but I’ve found myself unable to do so. Jeanne and Remy have two young children, one of whom is an angry girl, and they are exhausted. When Remy goes on her two-week business trip, Jeanne is afraid of hurting or hurting her own children. She sought her help and she found herself suffering from her parental burnout.Couple testifies on microphone, as does her mother Eva, who is on the verge of her nervous breakdown feet on the groundbreaking the taboo of parental fatigue about French culture in this episode.

You can listen to this episode on the French Culture website.

reinventing parenting

“How Intensive Parenting Eats Up Our Lives”
live happily before the world ends
art radio
44 minutes

“When I get a text message announcing the arrival of my first baby, I don’t know what to say. Delphine Saltel has two children and feels she’s not up to the mark as a two excellent episodes live happily before the world endsWe already talked about it in December, Produced by Arte Radio, where she’s about to dismantle the super-invested parental model she and her peers recreate without knowing why. something to get rid of

child king

“Do children rule the world?”
dirty children
52 minutes

Parents are constantly exposed to two conflicting orders. Do everything to make your child happy and show authority.Slight deviations in public and offspring are called“Child King”, The sect questioned journalists Titiou Lecoq and Nadia Daam in 2016. bratthey interview the author of Guillemette Fauré i want itbetter for my child, to know whether to force them to continue with piano lessons or let them make mistakes themselves. Basically: How to let go without ruining your child’s future?

You can listen to this episode on Slate Audio.

pro tips

“Honest education, honestly who can do it?”
Annoy his mother!
27 minutes

Maybe you have in the corner of your family library those positive parenting books that are relics of a bygone era where you thought you could educate your children with lots of love and empathy without screaming or crying. Maybe… but sometimes I’m stronger than I am and scream overwhelmed by the situation. So what do we do? Is it impossible to practice positive education for ordinary people?What if her two members of a couple don’t have the same educational vision? Annoy his mother! Dorothée Saada of Parents magazine seeks to answer these questions by welcoming Charlotte Ducharme, an expert in positive education and founder of parent coaching firm Cool Parents Make Happy Kids. (Spoiler: No one is perfect. Stop feeling guilty.)

get help

“Parental Burnout, When Parents Crack Down”
France Intel
46 minutes

“According to a recent study, parental burnout (fatigue syndrome in French) affects 5-8% of parents. […] In general, women are three times more affected by this phenomenon than men. ” Horrifying numbers (fed by the health crisis), but not nearly as real as parental burnout: physical and mental exhaustion, nervousness, crying, suicidal thoughts or desire to disappear in nature, and even Infanticidal desires… Last September, Cécile Soulé and Iliès Kamarti tackled parental burnout interception Attended France Inter and discovered different structures that could help struggling parents.

The program can be heard on the France Intel website.

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