My son’s mistress is too strict, go see him to calm down or leave him alone.

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Question for Daronne

Dear Daronne

My son is in first grade and I don’t like his mistress at all. It turns out she has the methods of another era. She sets up a board with the children’s names on it and puts green, yellow, or red stickers on it, depending on the children’s attitudes for the week.

Those who are smart and work hard receive small rewards. At home, on the contrary, she is very attentive and doesn’t appreciate her old schooling methods, so she worries that her son won’t feel good with her.What should I do? ?


Daronne’s reaction

my little A5 notebook,

let me talk Yes, like Father Castor.
When my daughter entered kindergarten, my husband sent an email to the school principal complaining about the unfair class composition. See, his precious little darling wasn’t with his friends, so that wasn’t acceptable.

  • The manager (politely) kicked him out.
  • My daughter has not changed classes at all,
  • The relationship with the director never recovered from the quarrel,
  • Frankly, when I was doing other things that had to do with my life, I had to let this little world all settle down.
  • My daughter had a great year and made many new friends.

No, but we happen to be parents. We want to protect our treasures, so we turn to military helicopters from time to time. My boyfriend was routinely calm and conciliatory, but when I got mad at this poor director, I told myself my kids were lucky to have a father who cared so much about their well-being. rice field. It’s a change from the 80’s, but is it still desirable to interfere in school affairs? I personally don’t think so (except in special cases, of course).

house rules stay home

If you ask Daronne, he’ll tell you that school is indeed not only a place of academic learning, but also a place to learn about life… That’s it!

One of the most important things to learn in life as a child is that the outside world is not like home. I don’t know if it really does him any favors to confront your child only in a way that suits us and those who look like us. It’s going to be really weird to find out that is not an all-you-can-eat buffet and you can’t make your own…a plate with just what you like.

That’s my little side. My other argument to justify the fact that I don’t think it’s a good idea to put her mistress in her place is that exposing them to a little variety is still important.

In short, everyone is in their place, parents at home, teachers and mistresses in the classroom, and everyone cares about themselves while the kids get a little taste of everything. And don’t forget, kids are smart. Very boring, but clever. They perfectly understand that each place has its own rules and can adapt a little to the precepts. old school of a booming mistress.

How will you introduce this topic to your children?

Ok, great, but specifically? You know what he lacked in the 80s when we were kids—the possibility of complaining to his parents about what was going on at school without taking an exam. you had to deserve it “others” don’t exaggerate. Shut up and watch the news. Oh, it was another delirium, I swear. Fortunately, we evolved.

To support your dearest love, ask him to express what he feels and envision solutions together that will help him manage this new feature. Reassure him: you understand his problem and support him, but in class it is the teacher who decides, and you trust her even if you don’t do the same .

Above all, especially don’t slander old goats in front of children. Kids love to repeat what they’ve heard, so do you want her teacher to know how good you think she is?No, I don’t think so.

That’s why you have to be careful

Plleease, positive parenting folks, you have a lot of good intentions. We love you. We often follow your lessons, but please don’t confuse us by listing abuses that aren’t really abuse. Student Behavior, Rewards at Risk , and the vignette system that records isolation isn’t to everyone’s taste and that’s normal. Awkward if isolated, the general behavior of teachers is benevolent. She isn’t good enough to make an appointment to teach her her job.

However, we are not deceiving ourselves. In front of this mistress, you need to be as vigilant as in front of all the adults who are drawn to your child. As we know there are abusive adults. Watch out for warning signs of real fatigue, such as anorexia, nightmares, and school phobia.

If you feel that your child is in danger or if you realize that something is really wrong, do not hesitate to contact the student’s parent representative or consult a professional to understand the situation. please.

No matter what happens, I always advise not to go right away as you risk being hated by your family and making the brat pay for it.

I leave you, have to pull my daughter’s best friend’s ear, I don’t like the way he talks to her,


your Daronne

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