Misterfly Group Rebrands and Becomes Digitrips

Today, Misterfly Group, the parent company and owner of French hybrid flight OTA Misterfly, announced that it will change its name to . digitrip It reflects the evolution of the business as a leading multi-product B2B and B2B2C travel platform and its international growth plans.

Since its inception in 2015, the company has grown to include seven B2B travel technology sub-brands, with 90% of group revenue generated from B2B sales to over 5,000 B2B customers.

During this period, in 2019 we reached over 500 million euros in turnover, sold over 5 million PAXs to retail travel agencies, OTAs, tour operators, white labels and loyalty programs, and now we have customers such as Carrefour. We count the leading French and Belgian companies. Customers of Voyages, Leclerc Voyages, cDiscount, VeePee and Neckermann.

Digitrips’ new name and brand identity also reflect the innovative nature of the group’s travel technology. Her 200-person team is dedicated to making the products, services, and technologies B2B customers use to find, book, sell, and serve travel more accessible, simpler, and more economical. way. Efficient – ​​Offers white label solutions, API connectivity, dedicated agent booking tools and even his SaaS solutions for hotel sales, travel agencies and TMC.

Moreover, our rebranding reflects our essence.” beyond the air The company sells accommodation, cars, transfers, packages and other services such as insurance, flexible options, payment solutions such as buy now, pay later, and operates more than 500 airlines and 1.2 million hotels. I have , 170 car rental companies, packages and accessories available.

Digitrips General Manager Emilie Dumont said: We are much more important and important to us than Misterfly B2C OTA, and this new name and brand identity reflects that 90. % of our business is B2B and we have been for a long time.” beyond the air By selling the full range of travel products, services, and even SaaS software solutions. We have ambitious plans for international growth.

Digitrips CEO and co-founder Nicolas Brumelot said: We would like to thank the entire team for their hard work and innovation over the past seven years, and to all our customers for their collaboration and loyalty. This has enabled him to handle more than 5,000,000 travelers in just the first few days of service. Looking ahead, we felt the new name and brand identity would be a better fit for our diverse and innovative B2B company.

The new Digitrips brand will serve as the master brand for the company’s seven different sub-brands, all of which will retain their names and identities.

  • Mr. Fly: B2C OTA
  • MF PRO / MisterFlyPro: A B2B platform for travel professionals to access and book flights, hotels, cars, packages and transfers on one platform.
  • Hresa / Misterroom: B2B platform specializing in hotels and car rentals.
  • Hotels for all / Cars for all: loyalty and social benefits.
  • Idiliz: Site for B2C package travel offers.
  • Koedia: Specialist in SaaS software solutions for hotel delivery.
  • Mtrip: A white label application provider specializing in mobile solutions for tour operators, travel agents, TMCs and cruise distributors.

Together, these seven brands and the Digitrips corporate team employ 200 people across five offices in France, Canada, Belgium and Spain.

About DigiTrip
Founded in 2015 by Carlos Da Silva and Nicolas Brumelot, Digtrips Group develops products, services and technologies that help businesses find, book and maintain travel in an easy and transparent way.
Group Travel Platform is a one-stop digital travel provider serving various industry channels including flights, accommodation, vehicles, transfers, packages and other services (insurance, payment solutions, etc.). )
Digitrips distributes content and services to travel professionals via dedicated web agent booking tools, APIs, or operates as a complete white label solution for e-retailers and other types of intermediaries.
The group also licenses SaaS hotel delivery solutions and white-label mobile applications to travel professionals and TMCs.

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