Mehmet Kilic, a Turk passionate about history, gave Brittany a castle

The land is very large and straddles the Aber Wrac’h with its source several kilometers upstream where it flows into the Celtic Sea. Over 22 hectares of lush greenery, the Trevodennik mansion lies between Prudaniel and Tregarantek in northern Finistère, with a 16th-century manor house in the center and a new pavilion added in the 19th century .

Located just outside the town center of Prdaniel (29), the Trevodennik Mansion should be transformed into a luxury hotel.
A stone’s throw from the town center of Prdaniel (29), the Trevodennik mansion will be transformed into a luxury hotel (Le Télégramme / Laurent Aquilo)

It is in this rural corner that Turkish businessman Mehmet Kilic, who made most of his fortune in the leather industry, settled three years ago. chance? Rather, as the new owner assures, it is “fate”, and happy days flow through the heart of Brittany, but he never really doubted its existence.

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It all started with an impromptu conversation with a French friend. “She said to me: ‘But why buy such an expensive property in Istanbul?’ His choice fell on the manor of Trébodennic, which perfectly matches the criteria defined to fulfill the childhood dream of this history buff. and transform the place into a luxury accommodation while respecting the history of the place.

I sold everything in Istanbul, business and factory. This is before retirement.relaxed work

The condition was obviously that you could bring your children along on this long-term adventure that would last for years. But if they weren’t interested, I gave up.I’m doing this for them, not for me.They said to me: “OK Dad, let’s go!” It’s time to Get the property key. Three years later, in a beautiful guardhouse where German soldiers moved during the occupation, Stambliote took up residence.

Restore properties

Over the past three years, he has spent most of his several-month stays restoring properties. Cleaning, gardening, cutting and restoring trees: there is little shortage of work for the 60-year-old who has found a new balance in his life. “Eight years ago I sold my business in Istanbul, my factory, everything. Here is my pre-retirement. Leisurely work. I love flowers and gardens and I can do everything myself.” It’s almost time to dive into an ambitious project envisioned with his youngest son, 28-year-old Tharp, who will accompany

Cleaning, gardening, tree felling, restoration: There is little shortage of work for Mehmet Kilic, the happy owner of the Trébodennic mansion in Prudaniel (29).
Cleaning, gardening, cutting trees, restoring: For Mehmet Kilic, 29, the happy owner of the Trevodennik mansion in Purdaniel, there’s little shortage of work. (The Telegram/Laurent Aquilo)

Everything is old, but everything is solid.I don’t want to change anything, I want to keep it the way it is

In fact, the dilapidated mansion is set to be replaced by a 15-room hotel in the near future, and Mehmet Kilic plans to add a restaurant and Airbnb rental accommodation to some of the outbuildings. . “This is a very big project. We’re going to take it slowly.” But the refreshment of the place, necessitated by the passage of time and the traces of percolation, does not distort the place. “Everything is old, but everything is solid. I don’t want to change anything, I want everything to stay the same.”

the door is always open

Architect-approved renovations of the French building are well underway, but the entrepreneur has chosen to wait at this time. For now, Mehmet Kirich manages the garden, tending to the blooming plants under the glass roof where wedding cocktails were once served, and welcoming visitors with open arms. “It’s mine, but I always want to share it with everyone. My door is always open, and if anyone wants to visit the mansion, I’ll give them a call when they arrive.” “Time to learn French.” The invitation was issued with the only regret of the shopkeeper, who said, “I didn’t have one.”

Heritage Days guided tours on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September at the Trébodennic mansion of Ploudaniel (29).completion

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