Lidl hits very hard with this ideal product to limit trips to the doctor!

This month Lidl chose great product This allows you to make your own diagnosis instead of going to the doctor. This is a vital control sphygmomanometer. Meets the brand’s stringent quality standards. user friendly, you save time by using itTracking your health has never been easier. Especially since it is recommended by experts to measure your own blood pressure. Clarify why.

Innovative products from the Vitalcontrol brand

This month of September, Lidl once again thought of its customers by choosing this sphygmomanometer. With excellent ergonomics, measure blood pressurenot only. It can also be used to check your heart rate. It has Bluetooth so you can connect it with other devices.

Designed by Vitalcontrol. known for health food medical equipment, etc. Purchase this product from Lidl and you’ll receive a 3-year warranty.

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To use it couldn’t be easier. place it on your arm.he Adapts to all body types, which can then be used by multiple people. The monitor measures your blood pressure along with your pulse.And you can do it with 4 people create profile save it tells you that you need to consult a doctor.

It can also be controlled using the HealthCoach app.but the manufacturer have paid special attention to consumersThe sphygmomanometer is equipped with a backlit LCD screen for easy data reading. people with vision problems, should work no problem. In addition, 30 reading styles are provided.

But that’s not all.question price it Loyal to profit policy From a German brand. It’s only 24.99 euros.

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Advantages of this Lidl Sphygmomanometer

The European Hypertension Association recommends blood pressure self-monitoring devices such as this product from Lidl. truck voltage Important for those who want to take control of their health.

The information provided by this type of device allows Detect warning signs For prevention of arterial hypertension and prevention of cardiovascular problems. Save time by doing the monitoring yourself by choosing this home self-monitoring blood pressure monitor available from Lidl. Thanks to the profile I created with this profile, you can help your doctor Monitor your health

Choosing self-measurement allows you to:Avoid the “white coat effect”This happens when you get nervous when you have your blood pressure taken by your doctor. Her stress builds up and her heart rate accelerates. By choosing this sphygmomanometer from the German brand, You spare that anxiety and pressureTherefore, more reliable data are obtained.

Measuring blood pressure at home can also be against masked hypertensionThis type of hypertension is special. In the clinic, while the patient’s sphygmomanometer shows normal readings,she has a higher value at homeBy measuring your blood pressure yourself with this device, you can provide your doctor with clear data. Additionally, he can see changes in your health over time. In particular, he can check whether you are responding well to the following treatments. high blood pressure he prescribed.

Lidl quality standards in products

Lidl brand in store or online Stand out with high quality products what he offers. It is no coincidence that it remains the best French retail chain.

The brand promises customers favorable prices for high-performance products. He maintains good relationships with manufacturers. Make sure the product fits to published standards.

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Additionally, all Lidl products are checked by experts before being placed on the shelves. The purpose of these procedures is to Ensuring product quality and safety Sell ​​by brand.

Branded products often receive high marks in product tests in trade publications and magazines. consumer groups.

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