Les Etincelles “This know-how and expertise beyond the hotel industry is service expertise”

Nicolas Chatillon introduced the vision of the group Les Etincelles, which he co-founded with Guerlain Sisyli. He set the group’s growth targets, destination commitments and know-how.

Nicolas Chatillon and Guerlain Chicherit met six or seven years ago, when Paris had plenty of money to renovate hotel properties. They decided to invest in Mt. Former freerider his ski champion and Val his d’Isère native Guerlain can contribute to the development of the region after working at the property for his professional retraining.

promise of skiing

The group implemented an expansion plan based on snow forecasts in the Alps.

“We invest in resilient resorts that have snow and we know it will snow. During our 23 weeks of winter sports operations, our promise to our guests is that snow is guaranteed.”

“Our accommodation concept is based on the customer experience on skiing. We have moved from a product approach to a customer approach. We are personalizing our services to accommodate different stay rhythms. »

Offers are highly segmented and diversified within the facility. Moments of relaxation, sharing, but also celebration are possible in many different places and at different times of the day. Families, young people and seniors have access to karaoke, lounge his bar or a restored concert hall with a bowling alley in Tignes.

The property is also fully equipped with a spa, catering to the habits of foreign guests who practice their winter sports vacations differently. Each facility is closely tied to the local ecosystem of activities and leisure, for example offering private his ski lessons or even occasional access to certain shops within the resort after hours. increase.

“We want to eliminate queues by digitizing everything that can be digitized, while creating an ecosystem that welcomes customers so they don’t waste time.”

An approach perfectly demonstrated by the ski lounge developed by the group. Moved to the ground floor and with comfortable seating and snack areas, the location is designed to allow customers to spend as little time there as possible and optimize their time on the slopes. You may also spend more time there, thanks to the services provided.

“This know-how and expertise beyond the hotel industry is service expertise.”

Durable integrated build

“Not only construction, but also most of the renovations. This know-how exists within the Group, with 10 people working on these themes.»

“We no longer believe in large complexes to cater to what our customers are looking for, wanting something special. Developing »

Energy efficiency is complemented by renewable energy mobilization and energy optimization. The site is also supplied with local materials, and materials harvested on site are recycled on site.

This particular know-how in the design and construction of mountain accommodation products will be sold to other accommodation providers in the region.

Operate sustainably to build loyalty

All facilities created provide housing for seasonal employees on the premises. For other acquisitions, solutions are being sought to house seasonal workers as close to their workplaces as possible.

“We are concerned with keeping them as close as possible to preserve them.”

Beyond the imposed shutdown period, Covid has had a major impact by disrupting the sector in both buying and hiring.

“We are working hard to recruit.”

Les Etincelles therefore works with the Ferrandi and Savignac schools to source qualified personnel. We also participate in recruitment bridges between summer season facilities and winter season facilities.

development ambition

The group currently owns and operates 21 chalets, 10 residences, 16 hotels, 22 restaurants and 12 entertainment venues. By the end of 2026, we aim to reach 30 hotels, 20 residences, 100 chalets and open 6-8 new properties.

It targets development in Tignes, Val d’Isere, La Plagne, Val Thorens, Les Arcs, Les 2 Alpes, La Rosiere and Alpe d’Huez. Only at high altitude resorts do we again guarantee snow coverage to our customers. Stations also in transformation and gentrification programs, catering to the group’s target clientele placing its properties in high-end and luxury.

“Of the 650 million euros raised for the Group’s investments, 380 million euros have been invested to date.”

Les Etincelles plans to launch a luxury brand for the group next December. They also created his WOM, which focuses on sustainable development, and is currently building a facility in Tignes les Brévières.

Finally, the group is preparing to set up in the Swiss canton of Valais.

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