Launch of Golden Tulip & Kyriad Lyon Ouest. Bright night! –

Text: Morgan Couturier – Since opening last August, the hotel complex comprising the Golden Tulip and Kyriad hotels has been a rousing frenzy in western Lyon. A huge success for Aleksandr Skapatic Jr.’s Vilance Immobilier company, whose inaugural night has yet to enhance the reputation of his two establishments.

until the dawn Aleksandr Skapatic Jr. He expressed his delight as a final argument against this rhetoric that a successful hotel is a good hotel to stay in. But when the skies lit up with fireworks, and his tulips and kyriads improvised as a dance floor in his Lyon-Ouest gardens, Vaylance, his Immobilier General, and his manager, made such a success. I was proud of what I had achieved. .

Thanks to him, West Lyonnais has an additional 7 stars (4 for the Golden Tulip and 3 for the Kyriad hotel), as evidenced by the availability of 89 and 90 rooms, an impressive Possibility of accommodation.

“The modern hotel of tomorrow is the hotel where you can come and celebrate your event and work in co-working spaces (8 rooms in about 452 square meters).2), get pampered at the beauty salon, or relax at the swimming pool or Cinque Mondo Spa. We wanted it to be a transit and meeting place,” the director explained.

Yet, as the presence of many influencers and Miss France shows, the complex’s already visible success has already been claimed as an ideal compliment. Sylvie Tellier, Amandine Small When Diane LeiaThe golden tulip and the Kyriad Hotel Lyon Ouest are a testament to the attraction. and feed their Creator’s ambitions. Coming not just an office building, but above all a new hotel in Saint-Priest. Real business sense. A real celebration!

Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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