Large real estate project in the city center of Nevers

Arnaud Le Clair will continue to accompany the Cap Fan operator until 2023 after purchasing the estate of Grands Bois in Jimeuil, but “for love of the territory” in which he was born, And because it “believes” continues his Neversoys adventure. A return to the elegance of a midtown city like Nevers, with the advantage of being two hours from Paris.”
Here’s an overview of his project:

Great Monarch

Arguably Arnaud Le Claire’s most technical and iconic project. “Our concern is to enhance the city and its abandoned architectural heritage,” he says. ..
The restoration of Place Mossé by the municipality confirms the idea of ​​​​tackling this great challenge.

The interior of the block has already been cleaned and cleared of debris. Another work will begin as soon as the Mose Square site is completed, usually before the fall. They relate to securing the site perimeter.

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“These work is done ‘block by block’. First, a building overlooking the Loire and forming a corner with Place Mosé, ‘specifies the property entrepreneur.
The first floor is a restaurant with 100 terrace seats. On the second floor, apartments are offered for sale (area of ​​80-100m2, extending from the Loire façade to the courtyard). At the corner of Place Mosé is the Tourist Office of Nevers.

In running the restaurant, Arnaud Le Clair says he has “four applications” that are keenly interested in the terrace with views over the Loire.
In this block, Arnault Le Clair, who has returned to “his core business, a real estate investor,” plans several commercial or service spaces and a “co-living” space. He is already developing them in the city center.

The current crisis does not expedite the project and the operation of the Grand Monarque is in final coordination with the bank.

4 star hotel

Foncière Le Claire acquired the former Champion (still better known in Neversoire as Super U) at the top of rue Colbert, which has been deserted since the summer of 2009, and created a financial structure to buy it back from the Carrefour Group. Under construction.

Here he will build a four-star hotel. Construction permits must be submitted in late September or early October.

With a total area of ​​3,000 square meters, the hotel complex will offer 62 rooms including suites, 435 square meters function room, spa, swimming pool and more. It also features an underground car park with an entrance on rue Colbert. Delivery from the supermarket was carried out.

“The concrete structure is very good. We plan to use it to build this hotel that completes our offer in the city center where we know there is a shortage of accommodation,” said the entrepreneur. I’m here. Site in the heart of the city”.

The owner of this hotel is not yet officially known, but it must be Neversova, who already has a restaurant business.
This hotel should open within three years.

Former BNP Headquarters, Placed in Guy Coquille

The former divisional headquarters of BNP Bank, located at Place Guy-Coquille, was purchased by Arnaud Le Claire. A 3,000 m2 building overlooking the rue de Fer and Reverendry.

The 700 m² on the ground floor should be used for future student residence installations and is currently being validated by the Nevers Collection.
On the upper floors, such as the Grand Monarch, Fontsière Le Claire plans to renovate apartments for sale.

“The building has an elevator and access for people with reduced mobility,” explains Arnaud Le Claire.

new space

The Cow, whose president is Arnaud’s eldest son Hugo Le Claire (23), is an organization that opens a coworking space on the same premises of the Novare Group.

This offer complements the co-living space initiated by the Novaré Group rue de la Basilique. A very flexible new form of collocation. “Customers can rent for a month or longer, depending on when they study, train or intern,” elaborates Arnaud Le Claire.

A total of 11 rooms are available for this type of rental.

First was Greatwood

Without Grand Bois, the Novaré Group and Arnaud Le Claire would not have been able to participate in so many projects. The site straightened out in his 5 years and was able to attract Cap fun once integrated. Number one in its field, this camping giant is no stranger to setting up in heavily touristed areas than areas such as Nièvre. Arnaud Le Claire still accompanies Cap fun operators today. And this is until 2023.The Grand Bois of Gimouille, photo Arnaud Le Claire

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