Kidney Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment, Is It Fatal?

Although relatively rare, kidney cancer grows slowly and does not cause symptoms until the disease is advanced. In the book Live and be reborn every day, which will be published on September 29, host Patrick Sebastian reveals that he has undergone kidney cancer surgery.

[Mise à jour le 22 septembre 2022 à 17h39] Kidney cancer is very rare and only relevant 3% of diagnosed cancers. from symptoms alert, we take note lower back pain and the presence of blood in the urine. In the book “Living every day and being reborn” released on September 29,Animator Patrick Sebastian reveal that it was I had kidney cancer surgery earlier this year. 2022.It was 3 centimeters, but it was non-invasive and did not require chemotherapy. So I underwent surgery under eight hours of anesthesia.Rehabilitation and recovery were complicated.I still have a scar of 40 cm“Referring to a 68-year-old man in Figaro ‘Buzz TV’ set on Sept. 22, added it.”Two months later, I was on stage. it’s part of life“.that is secondary animal cancerhad r melanoma years ago. What are the signs of kidney cancer? what is the life expectancy possibility with Healing ? Is it deadly?

Definition: What is Kidney Cancer?

The kidney is an organ that is built into the body.urinary system. Its main role is to eliminate toxins from the body through urine excretion.he behaves like A device for filtering an individual’s bloodKidney cancer causes the appearance of malignant tumors (growth due to uncontrolled growth of tissue).is one of rarest cancer (2-3% of cases diagnosed with cancer). Diagnosis is made through the practice of physical examinations and abdominal scanners.

What are the symptoms of kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer usually grows very slowly. symptoms are delayed and Very diverse. for example, depression or fatigue No definite cause can be a sign of kidney cancer. The most dangerous signs are:

  • Gross hematuria (presence of gross hematuria) hematuria),
  • a lower back pain
  • When Abdominal bloating.

It affects men twice as often as women.

What Causes Kidney Cancer?

“Recognized risk factors for kidney cancer are: tobacco use, of Overweight orobesity and the fact that it exists treated by dialysis 3+ years.Other factors are suspected: this High blood pressure and exposure to cadmium Where to asbestos. Rarely, kidney cancer can be caused by: genetic predisposition; Now let’s talk about hereditary or familial forms of kidney cancer. ” says oncologist Jan Philippe Wagner, Ph.D.

What is the average age of kidney cancer?

According to the National Cancer Institute (INCa), there are an estimated 10,000 new cases of kidney cancer in France in 2018.Median age at diagnosis is 68 men, 67 womenhe touches twice that of men Woman.

Kidney cancer is often found incidentally during a test done as part of monitoring another medical condition. the doctor ask the patient Determine its history and assess risk factors and associated symptoms. If you have symptoms that suggest kidney cancer, CT scan of the abdomen It is prescribed to confirm the diagnosis and to assess the size of the cancer and its spread to the abdomen. If a tumor is detected, biopsy Performed for analysis under a microscope (sampling of tumors during scanner or ultrasound). This test also makes it possible to identify tumor types and their evolutionary potential.

What is the stage of kidney cancer?

Staging measures the extent of cancer and its progression. “Like all cancers, it stage I, Localized strictly within the kidney, Stage IV (presence of metastases) outside the kidney, i.e. systemic cancer)”, Oncologist explains.

What are the treatments for kidney cancer?

Until then Stage III of the disease, kidney cancer is treated with surgeryAdjuvant therapy after surgery, that is, treatment to prevent recurrence, is not indicated. “Clear cell carcinoma, the most common kidney cancer, is one of the most susceptible.immunotherapy This will be the reference for the first line”says the expert. principle? “It “boosts” lymphocytes (white blood cells) with antibodies that kill cancer cells again.But it’s also the most sensitive cancer biotherapy (targeted therapy) and many oral drugs in this category are effective against this cancer: they “starve” the cancer by preventing new blood vessels from feeding it (anti-angiogenesis) .

What is the life expectancy for kidney cancer?

As with all cancers, life expectancy It depends on the stage of the disease at the time of diagnosis. “Kidney cancer Part of the category of “intermediate prognosis” cancers, even the generalized stage IV, the disease is often slow evolution, Lazy.of Therefore, 5-year survival varies from 90% for stage I to 50% for stage III to 10% for stage IV. The latter is likely to improve with the widespread use of immunotherapy.” Oncologist details.

Kidney cancer can be cured as long as it is “in time”.

Can kidney cancer be cured?

any cancer, It can be cured from the moment you “take your time”. At Stage IV, the cure rate is almost 0%. However, thanks to immunotherapy, more and more patients live at least 2.5 times longer than the median survival time (he has 50% survival time at this stage). “All teams now more and more patients People who live more than 5 years after receiving treatment you can start thinkingcontinues Dr. Jean-Philippe Wagner. In addition to the general treatment of the so-called stage IV It is now proven to be oligometastatic (few metastases).systemic treatment and physical therapy Reduction of each metastasis, especially by stereotactic radiotherapy, contributes to an increase in the number of long-term survivors. Finally, it is true that metastatic kidney cancer is one of the most important diseases. Rare cancer that heals naturallyEstimates of these spontaneous cures are 1% to 1/1000 cases. ”

Thanks to oncologist Dr. Jean-Philippe Wagner.

Source: Kidney cancer, some figures, National Cancer Institute

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