Hypertension: ‘We can talk about the epidemic in Mayotte,’ Olivier Brahic declares to Soroptimist

“We value women’s voices.” The Soroptimist Mayotte Club was created over 30 years ago, but has carefully woven its web. In 121 countries he has 72,000 members and is hosted by Soroptimist International, a global organization that reaches from the Americas to Europe via the South West Pacific, Africa and the United Kingdom.

Two prominent local figures, Sophia Hafidow, chairman, and Sanya Yusuf, general secretary, are driving the movement in Mayotte. It’s a big health issue here, having welcomed her three domestic guests to the movement this Wednesday. Karinne Petchy, Soroptimist International her French Vice President, her Christelle Philippe-Cerisier, Northwestern France Vice President, and her Ketty Saint. -Clair, VP Paris Est and Vincennes: Arterial hypertension in Mayotte women.

From the outset, the first speaker, Olivier Brahic, Executive Director of ARS Mayotte, set the context. Six people have diabetes.” The most serious thing is that half of those with high blood pressure don’t know it. 3 out of 5 women are screened for uterine cancer,” she added.

The Mayotte team received a team from mainland France

Not for lack of asking ARS Mayotte to launch a prevention campaign, but to this question Dominique Voynet, who previously headed the structure, replied that it had a lot to do with Covid.

Birth control remains a priority, and population issues are a major weight in public policy. We are still waiting for the equivalent of “1, 2, 3, bass”… Precautionary measures that allow the population to get to know each other and thereby take better care of themselves. Hopefully it will reduce the company’s costs. “There will be 14 stands moving around the island every day during the free screening campaign we just started. We want to launch Screen Shock,” he told the audience. In three days he had 3,663 people screened this way.

Quality Price Shield NutriScore

Soroptimist national representatives could not have come at a better time, as consultations to develop a Mayotte-specific community health project are in full swing. area, after opening the discussion on chronic diseases. In October, Chirongi hosts a public consultation on women’s and children’s health. “We now have two objectives: to reduce the consumption of soda, which poses a public health problem, and to launch the equivalent of Nutri-Score within the Price Quality Shield. Unpublished. Nutri-Score.” is a five-level nutrition labeling system from A to E, green to red, according to the nutritional value of the food, so this device should make it possible to combine quality and price.

Another area where prevention is positioned, papillomavirus infections and sexually transmitted diseases, said: “The numbers are not good in Mayotte. We are working on this issue with the pastor and REDECA”.

Nutri-Score could enter BQP

At the end of the meeting, pampered by doctor Kombo Yakut Abdul Jabal, arterial hypertension no longer held secrets for the female public. and it primarily affects pregnant women, and given the high birth rate here, it means we need to be vigilant.” must be The association between hypertension and diabetes or overweight is an exacerbating factor. During the Covid epidemic, these comorbidities turned out to be a lethal condition for patients.

High blood pressure can be related to kidney or hormonal disorders, medication use, and lack of physical activity. In that sense, Mahoron women have evolved their eating habits and must regain good reflexes.”

A lesson-rich morning for the women’s delegation, “During this presentation, we were able to find our motto: understanding, defending and undertaking,” said Karin Pechy.

Anne Perzot Lafon

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