Hypertension in Women, Subject of Conference Hosted by Mayotte Soroptimist Club

The purpose of the morning was to raise awareness and increase the risk of hypertension, the most common chronic condition in pregnant women.

Soroptimist Clubs is an international NGO that unites women around the world. This association was founded in Mayotte in 1990 and is part of the Union of France. The meeting was held at her CADEMA premises on Wednesday, September 13, as the association addresses her five areas of activity, including health. An event set for the visit of the President and Vice President of France abroad accompanied by a national delegation.

A morning of discussion on the risks of arterial hypertension was held in the presence of Dr. Abdul Jabal, Director of ARS, Regional Director for Women’s Rights and Equality in Mayotte.

The best management of high blood pressure comes from yourself. Lifestyle changes are within everyone’s reach, so it’s lifestyle and dietary measures that can avoid complications.

Dr. Abdul-Jabbar

Dr. Abdul-Jabbar

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Arterial hypertension is the most common chronic disease in the world and most common in pregnant women. It is one of the major cardiovascular risk factors that increases the risk of developing cardiovascular complications.a Timely screening can minimize risk, but above all, provide better care.

This morning’s discussion coincides with the hypertension sensitization and screening week set by Mayotte’s Regional Health Authority.

Women’s health is a big issue in Mayotte

Conference on Hypertension at CADEMA

Society of Hypertension

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The conference raised awareness and conveyed information about the risks associated with high blood pressure.

Many institutions and associations have responded and taken the opportunity to educate the general public in attendance, especially women who are more susceptible to hypertension than men.

Taslima Soulaimana supports the association’s initiative and hopes that other health-related actions will be implemented.

Taslima Soulaimana, Regional Director for Women's Rights and Equality, Mayotte

Taslima Soulaimana, Regional Director for Women’s Rights and Equality, Mayotte

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It’s a really rich time to discuss. Knowing that diabetes, breast cancer, and many medical conditions are mentioned, I hope this is the beginning of new action around this scourge.is still an unknown subject for many

Taslima Soulaimana, Regional Director for Women’s Rights and Equality, Mayotte

Left untreated, high blood pressure exposes you to several types of serious arterial problems, including kidney damage that can lead to stroke, heart failure, bleeding, and kidney failure.

L’high blood pressure It is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease. A better lifestyle can prevent it or limit its complications.For all these reasons, the association has organized this awareness day. It was something like:

A prosperous day that allows us to join forces to improve the health of girls and women in particular.

Karin Petchi, Sophia Hafidu, Tasurima Soraimana

Karinne Petchy, Soroptimist Outre-mer Vice President, Sophia Hafidou, Soroptimist Mayotte, Taslima Soulaimana, Mayotte Regional Director for Women’s Rights and Equality

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