How to optimize your wedding venue?

In recent years, many engaged couples have created websites to keep their loved ones informed before their big day. How can we make this site as attractive and convenient as possible?

Sites like Wix offer an interface that is easy to modify and aesthetically pleasing. Once you have decided on the style of your site, you need to think about your content. What sections will you create? What information will you communicate? If the reception time and location are in obvious places on the page, you may want to consider other tabs can be added.

1Practical information on the first page

Mass schedules, church addresses, directions to reception locations, all of this information is frequently requested by guests. Therefore, it is important to display them prominently on your site. A map from Google Maps can be inserted into her web page and clicked directly to direct her to the wedding venue. It’s helpful to indicate if there is on-site parking, if you can park in front of the church, if there is a specific dress code, and if you plan to have brunch the next morning.

2Promote carpooling

Given current fuel prices, carpooling is an economical, environmentally friendly, and user-friendly option that will appeal to your guests. Adding a special tab to the site to allow anyone to register to offer or request a location in the car would be very useful.

3Answer directly online

Anyone planning a wedding will see that if nicely written cards and handwritten letters won’t be replaced by email. It encourages organizers to respond quickly and simplifies the process. Responses are sent directly to the mailbox specified when creating the form.

Fourwedding list

It is not always easy to know what to offer young households, more or less young and more or less already equipped and decorated. Opening a wedding listing at a department store is an option often chosen by brides and grooms. Websites can be mentioned with a direct link to the list.

wedding list, which one to choose

FiveEngaged couple presentation

By definition, even if a guest knows their fiancé, they don’t always know their future spouse. Why not give your site a funny, little presentation of each future fiancee’s career path, their work and passions? This section can be illustrated with pictures of the engaged couple and their families. increase.

6List of nearby accommodation facilities

A list of lodges, guesthouses, hotels, and Airbnb listings near the reception venue is invaluable information for guests. Accommodation can be a brake on whether or not you accept a wedding. Therefore, promoting the organization of relatives’ weekends only encourages them to come and surround the future bride and groom on their wedding day.

7Mass Booklet 3.0

Choosing a reading and song for your wedding mass is often a long and important step for engaged couples. I can. To bring a spiritual dimension to your webpage, post your future spouse prayers online so that everyone can pray with you during your engagement journey. I can.

person writing

8After getting married…

When a wedding is celebrated, the site may include links to photos of the ceremony, or photos uploaded directly with honeymoon photos, etc.


Sites designed for weddings have the advantage of being able to meet the expectations of guests. You can specify on the site whether or not. If your guest is visually impaired, you may be able to download a large print version of the Mass booklet. Finally, information about Covid-19 can also be communicated this way if current health measures require it. If your site design is complicated or if the engaged couple is taking too long, don’t be afraid to ask witnesses for help.

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