Hotels, transport… London packed for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Britain is preparing for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, and many hotels are already fully booked. Central London and (Royal Castle) Windsor hotels are fully booked, increasing demand for properties close to Greater London train and tube stations., says budget hotel chain Travelodge. In a press release to AFP, she specified that bookings were coming. from the UK and around the world.

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Kate Nichols, director of the British Association of Hospitality Professionals, says London hotels Bookings have surged since the news of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s passing was announced on Thursday..

Soaring prices

She added that demand remains high through Monday, the day of the funeral, due to the increased need for police and other personnel accommodation for the organization and security for an event of this magnitude.

With fewer vacancies, prices skyrocketed on Tuesday. A rustic, windowless ‘cocoon’ room in Piccadilly Circus in the heart of the capital costs £260 (€300). The other is a hotel near Paddington station for £315 with no windows and no breakfast.

A hotel clearly named ‘Snoozebox’ near Stratford in Greater London cost £76 for a bunk bed, but still had no windows and little room to turn.

Prioritize telework to streamline travel

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is also facing an influx of visitors to pay a final tribute to the late monarch before moving the coffin to London for a state funeral.

A Downing Street spokesman said Monday: crowd of people Recalling in London a few days later that 200,000 people came to the capital for the funeral of the Queen Mother, I expect a lot more than that.

Short of asking companies to choose to work from home, he diplomatically suggested: Some people want to change the way they work Until the weekend.

Network Rail, which operates railway lines, An unprecedented influx into the capital, especially from Wednesday.

warn the user schedule more time Invite people who can and can walk for their journey, especially in the event of line delays or premature closure of certain stations.

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