Hortense’s committed platform for sustainable tourism

Like Hortense, Generation Voyage has talent. This is how I discovered this platform committed to sustainable tourism. What is that goal? We help conscientious, eco-conscious travelers find eco-friendly accommodations.

Threatened biodiversity, global warming and the plastic continent: environmental issues are at the center of the debate. Changing your daily habits is no longer an option. Additionally, many of us have incorporated more sustainable behaviors into our lifestyles, such as recycling, buying second-hand, and conserving energy.

And what about travel? Things are moving here, too. Sustainable tourism is now the new way to travelHow to respect nature and local people, and be concerned about economic and social impacts. To meet the needs of responsible travelers, Generation Voyage has created a special section called ‘Traveling Differently’. One of the things we hope through this initiative is to shine a light on green and dedicated tourism professionals.

Among them is Hortense, a dedicated platform for sustainable tourism. We provide responsible accommodation that reconciles economic success, job quality, traveler satisfaction, promotion of local players, rational consumption and respect for the environment.

What is Hortense?

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For Hortense, travel today and tomorrow must be environmentally friendly. The most profitable and developed tourism industry on the planet does more than just create wealth and jobs. It accounts for his 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions and is responsible for some of the degradation of natural heritage. If there is no doubt that we should stop traveling and meeting people on our beautiful planet, alternative solutions must emerge to promote ecotourism.

Hortense. #1 platform for booking eco-friendly luxury accommodationsThey finally got the visibility they deserve. Do you think responsible establishments rhyme with discomfort and lack of service? Hortense’s references are outstanding, providing excellent service and providing access to unique, local experiences. Exceptional surroundings, top-notch service, reliability, environmental responsibility: or (really) conscientiously yet fun.

According to Hortense, what is committed hosting?

The sustainable tourism stakeholders referenced in Hortense are carefully selected and meet strict standards.All hotels and guest houses have responsible tourism practices : They are involved in environmental protection, engage in programs of green action, are followers of slow consumption and clean management of resources and energy.

Changing habits requires education and support. Hortense helps protect the environment and build solidarity May they perpetuate their tourism policy and all their actions. This includes financial operations, but it also includes raising staff awareness of good practices. Focus on lifestyle facility standards tested and approved by Hortense.

human centered office

The hotels and guesthouses offered in Hortense are strong human and social policiesEmployee well-being is at the heart of our management system. All stakeholders involved in the development of suitable accommodation and close to the customer. Moreover, the latter are welcome in exceptional surroundings. Common areas such as rooms are evocative, warm and friendly. Everything is done to make them feel at home, privileged and pampered.

First local stay

Hortense highlights Facilities rooted in the community, proud of their traditions. The latter promotes local activism and local actors. Local producers, traders and artisans enjoy greater visibility thanks to the accommodation.

Luxury facility

Sustainable accommodation in Hortense

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Atypical, authentic and sophisticated, Hortense accommodation has its charm. In addition, the team pays close attention to travelers so that they can provide the best and personalized service. Customers have a special experience with a neat, innovative design and a rejuvenating place. From reception to the end of your stay, everything is done to ensure a true disconnect and unforgettable memories.

Hotels and guesthouses that provide responsibility and assistance

Of course, Hortense watches over our accommodations’ efforts to reduce their environmental impact.Managed water consumption, packaging restrictions, waste management, zero waste, eco-construction, renewable energy, short-term purchases, local seasonal produce: these Accommodations that focus on ecotourism Implement strong measures in terms of sustainable development to act responsibly.

Facilities that support the transition to ecosystems

Balancing hotel performance with environmental transitions is not always easy. This is why Hortense is committed to promoting not only establishments that are already well-established players in sustainable tourism, but also establishments that are in the process of becoming one.

Hortense supports its partners by producing reliable reports on their environmental impact, being surrounded by the right partners and providing them with three tools to develop their skills in responsible tourism.

  • green host label : A certification given to the best eco-friendly accommodations.This ecolabel certifies that all commitment standards have been met
  • green notebook : Rating issued by the platform based on 150 environmental criteria
  • evergreen program : Identify and support ecological projects for guesthouses and hotels in order to limit their ecological footprint as much as possible.

The Evergreen Program is a true differentiator for Hortense.
Combining social, economic and ecological approaches, we support and accompany tourism accommodation players in their intentions and efforts towards ecological and sustainable tourism.
To participate in the Evergreen Program, the accommodation you choose must meet several criteria.

  • have as a project reduce environmental footprint,
  • Support local economy Using craftsmen and local people,
  • sustainable and guaranteed Fair compensation for local craftsmen.

Hortense financially supports these accommodations in environmentally friendly projects, as well as providing valuable advice on these projects and keeping in touch with interesting partners for their development.
Travelers are key to funding the program so they are not left behind! hotel reservation via Hortense.this is 1% of revenue Reservations that have been re-injected into the Evergreen Program and that support eco-friendly accommodation projects.

Responsible Travelers: Why You’ll Love Hortense’s Sustainable Tourism Platform

Environmentally Responsible Traveler

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Passing through Hortense’s sustainable tourism platform offers a unique experience: modern, comfortable and sophisticated facilities, impeccable service mind and an authentic and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, the accommodation favors local producers and merchants who purchase decorations, kitchens, supplies, and more.

The unique experience goes even further as we also offer accommodation Community activities and solidarity activitiesTherefore, hotel and guesthouse revenues have a positive impact on the economy of tourist destinations. Whether it’s culture, sports or cuisine, there’s something for everyone. An eco-friendly consumer who surfs the platform has her access to all the important information in one place.

  • Accommodation facility facilities, services, and environmental initiatives
  • Ownership and location history
  • Nearby activities and the cultural agenda of the place
  • Good local address, restaurants and markets
  • A travel guide to plan your itinerary

Travelers are also guaranteed to meet great people. Because sustainable tourism connects people to beautiful values. The conference is also more authentic as it is a place saved from classical mass tourism.

though as A bridge between accommodation and eco-conscious travelers, Hortense facilitates the process for both parties. For travelers, booking eco-friendly accommodations is quick and easy. They save time and make sure you make a choice that matches your values ​​and travel concept. In addition, Hortense offers green customers reading the grid to help them understand their facility’s environmental commitments, compare them, and make the best choices.

Hortense experience above all means your journeyIt’s about satisfying the thirst for discovery while protecting the local economic fabric and the planet at large. During their stay, especially by staying with locals, travelers can also acquire new skills and know-how on sustainable development.

Thanks to responsible tourism, travelers live a more personalized and unfiltered experience that enriches them personally and long after they return home…

On the more practical and technical side, Hortense is a secure and instant booking platform. Its interface is fluid and very comfortable. As a bonus to sustainable tourism ambassadors, we have a loyalty program that covers you with gifts.

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