Home Installed Her Sister Uses 5-10-15 Method On Babies And Keeps Everyone Awake: Angry Mother

When it comes to baby sleep, parents are split in two. Some let babies find their own rhythms to fall asleep, and some use techniques to teach them to fall asleep. His one of them is the Ferber method, or 5-10-15 method. This, in short, consists in relaxing the child before bedtime and letting him sleep on his own. If he cries, don’t hold him and reassure him, let him cry a little and then go see him. This is the method a young mother chose to teach her baby to fall asleep.The problem is that she now lives with her sister and this technique prevents her whole family from sleeping properly. is not happy at all.

5-10-15 wakes everyone up

“My sister and I have very different ways of parenting, and it never really bothered me. We live different lives, but we do what works. I’m not criticizing sleep training.” It’s not.”, she wrote on Reddit. Her sister, toddler, and toddler are now settled in her home. True, her stepfather just died and they don’t live in the same city.Husband lives with her mother “A Time of Grieving Process” However, her house could not accommodate everyone. Her sister accepted that the mother and children would come to her house.

“Before they arrived, my sister told me the baby was still learning to fall asleep. Another way. She said it was fine. When they arrived, she Everything was fine until he started his nightly routine. He moaned like a baby and soon started crying. She went to see him every ten minutes. She used Ferber So she goes to see him every 10 minutes to pacify him and give him a hug an hour before everything resumes.‘ says the woman.

The problem wasn’t just that the method didn’t work. She was the one who kept everyone in her family from falling asleep. “Even though he slept once, he woke up several times crying, so we woke up.”she explains.

she asks her sister not to let the baby cry

The next day, this mother explains to her sister that she doesn’t want to repeat the same thing the next night. “She apologized and said he usually falls asleep within an hour.” Either that or I told her she left him for another 10 minutes so I went there and rocked him and after that he fell asleep easily but still what On the third night, I told him from the beginning not to hear her cry.If she doesn’t make him cry, I’ll go see him in ten minutes. would go. I rocked him most nights.”she recalls.

The next day, she gives her sister an ultimatum, explaining that she cannot do anything more complicated. Another mom took it badly, but she did what she asked. “Things have been very tense and our other sister (who does not live in the same state) said I was inconsiderate. She had just lost her father-in-law and was clearly going through a difficult time. I feel sorry for my nephew in particular, but even though I know it’s fine, I’ve definitely ruined my sleep training.”this woman explains and asks if she was at fault.

For Internet users, this is not the case. “Her methods are her choice, but it’s incredibly disrespectful to expect to be able to make other people feel miserable in your own home. The fact that she’s in other people’s homes.” must be considered, especially if it affects the sleep of other children who are not your own.says one.

Some of them believe that when mothers of infants are alone in their care and facing their own problems, it’s not really the time to practice sleep training. “It’s crazy to train him to sleep when his parents are stressed and emotionally fragile.” “add others.

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