Guests received by Augustin Trapenard at France 5 (video)

On Wednesday 14th September at 9pm, Augustin Trapenard will launch a new edition of “La Grande Bookstore” about France 5. Here are the guests on this week’s show.

every wednesday evening France 5, Augustine Trapenade Invite authors from different universes to make literary news.

this week, Augustine Trapenade receive:

Leonora Mianofor his book “Stardust” at the house of Grasse.

“Tired of wandering as a couple, she preferred to live on her own. It was impossible to be with a man who could not be a man. In an instant, she decided to jump without a net. It was the only way to prevent hatred from taking root where there was already no respect.She stole the bliss and held the most beautiful part of him into her heart.A thin sun peeked through the clouds. As I was about to plug in, Louise said, not another word.»

This novel, written over 20 years ago, Leonora MianoA 23-year-old mother without a home or residence permit was placed with her daughter in a reintegration and emergency accommodation in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. It was through frequent encounters with the harshness of its frontiers that she came to know France most intimately…

Alan Mabankowfor his book “Growing Trade” To threshold.

Liwa Ekimakingai spent her childhood and continues to live with her grandmother Ma Lembe as her mother Albertine died while giving birth to her. He is employed as a cook at the Victory Palace Hotel in Pointe-Noire. And he waits to meet his love. One evening on August 15, when the country’s independence is celebrated, he gathers his best, most extravagant outfits he’s barely bought in the afternoon to go clubbing. At the edge of the dance floor, beautiful Adeline looks out of reach. However, she accepts his advances without compromising herself.

This novel is a rewind to the life and final hours of a young man attending his own four-day wake and funeral. He will be buried soon and he will come out of the grave. to take revenge?

In the background is the city of Pointe-Noire and its cemetery, especially the cemetery of the wealthy that everyone dreams of burial, but the place is very expensive and known as Frères Lachaise. Liwa is part of it.

In this great social, political, and visionary novel, the class struggle continues into the realm of the dead, where they too are strangely alive.

Monica Savolofor his book “Secret Life” at the house of Galimard.

“I had a subject. A group of young people murdered their father for ideological reasons. I was trying to write something simple and spectacular, but nothing could be further from me than this story.” I really believed it.I didn’t know that yet.The years of direct action consisted of everything that made me…silence, secrecy, and violence. The Secret Life is the life of Monica Savolo, who grew up in a bourgeois environment in the shadow of her occultist father. It’s also about members of her group of far-left terrorists, Direct Her Action, and the subject of a romantic investigation that leads the narrator to revisit her own past. What do we know about people we think we know?

From the Italy of the Red Brigades to France in the 80s, where dreams of riot gave way to gold and glitter, La vie secretine gracefully explores the infinite complexity of human beings, the problem of violence and the possibilities of forgiveness. .

Anthony Passeronfor his book “Sleeping Children” To world.

Forty years after the death of his uncle Desiree, Anthony Passeron decides to question his family’s past. Evoking the social rise of butcher-turned-grandparents in the post-war boom, and the widening gap between them and their children’s generation, he intersects two stories.Nice – himself – and his battle with disease in French and American hospitals


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