Great Lakes Seine and Orb Greenway

published toSeptember 20, 2022and10:53

Over the weekend we traveled along the Greenway of Lake Seine and Lake Aube, 100 km from Saint-Julien-les-Villas near Troyes (Aube). A varied route through land and water, forests, bird watching, heritage…

Troyes Champagne Métropole, cycling area

Trains leave at Troyes, Troyes Champagne Metropole. Due to its rich, well-preserved and strengthened heritage, Trois Champagne Métropole is recognized by the Federation as a cycling territory. A visit to the Old Town before departure is a must!

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green road

A greenway as wide as this one is rarely seen. The barriers are easily traversed by all types of bikes, with or without trailers, tandems, etc. The signs are very accurate. The only problem is finding it from Troyes!

We were met by a totem (unobtrusive) but no further information, no signage of multiple cycle paths (sometimes alone) going in all directions.

The easiest way is to take the D 49 from Saint-Julien-les-Villas towards Verrières. It is located to the left of the exit of the bridge over Canal Saint-Julien.

Take a walk together

The course has no issues in terms of relief. Throughout the course we met many cyclists, all ages, all practices and all types of bikes. This course is ideal for family outings, quick embankment breaks, birds (swans, ducks, etc.), forest trails, beaches, and safety.

Three lakes in the center of Toyo no Mori Regional Natural Park

In the heart of a protected natural environment of 20,000 hectares of forest and 5,000 hectares of lakes, the Greenway “navigates” embankments, beach edges and forest trails, offering a changing landscape. His three large lakes, Lake Orient, Lake Temple and Lake Ammens, are artificial lakes and reservoirs whose mission is to reduce the extent of flooding and to support the flow of the Seine and its tributaries. These lakes are both refuges and resting places for 250 bird species, 140 of which choose to nest on the shores. You can discover them at the observatory near the greenway.

Going further…

Cyclists can also stop and enjoy the star-shaped visit program: Côte des Barres vineyards north, then south, through the woods to the Templars and salamanders, through the plains half-timbered. To the church of … The site of Mesnil-Saint-Père is suitable for this. Those who choose Les Cottages d’Orient as their base receive a personalized welcome, including breakfast baskets, picnic baskets, collective barbecues, evening champagne tastings… Hotels, campsites, group accommodation, campsites, etc. , other accommodation is also possible.

Find an orb in Cordop

The French Cycling Federation’s Aube Departmental Committee offers 24 circuits covering an entire departmental area of ​​1474 km. The smallest circuit is 33 km and the largest is 85 km (élo/).

The Pays d’Armans mountain bike base allows you to traverse this region, located on the border of the Aube department between Champagne and Burgundy, offering a great variety of landscapes.

Text and photos: Georges Golse

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