Four-year-old Sami Taji becomes the youngest person to climb Toubkal

Earlier in September, the four-year-old achieved a global feat, becoming the youngest mountaineer to reach North Africa’s highest peak. Physically, mentally and medically prepared for months, Sami Taji was able to climb Toubkal (4,167) thanks to the close support of his uncle Zakaria Naji Ramrani. rice field. Now practitioners are committed to reaching Europe’s highest mountain, Elbruz (Russia, 5,643 meters).

“After his brother climbed Kilimanjaro (Zanzibar) last year, the Sami were fascinated by these feats and made one of these ascents with his uncle, who promised to climb with Toubkal on his fourth birthday. I wanted to do it,” Naji Lamrani told Yabiladi. “But it was important not to start this ascent blindly,” she said. The child was accompanied by three adults. An uncle, a father accustomed to hiking, and a mountain guide who already supervises the children’s outings.

Sami’s father, Younes Taji, argues in this regard: In addition to making sure risks are controlled, it is essential to have a blood sample taken and an electrocardiogram performed to confirm health checks.

Sami with uncleSami with uncle

learning for parents and children

Maryame Naji Lamrani said, ‘Sami people are accustomed to going out into nature and mountains’. “Hiking and country sightseeing are family rituals, and Sami loves playing games in the great outdoors. I integrated the idea of ​​going on hikes and being grateful for what I had,” she says.

“We taught Sami to adapt to different situations. Preparing in advance with an educational, playful and engaging approach allows him to participate on his level in the preparation and keep things going. I was able to reassure you that it was happening.”

Mariame Naji Ramrani

Mariame accompanied her child in spiritual preparation for Toubkal’s ascent. At first, I often overprotected my children and realized that this approach was not the most appropriate. talk.

Parents also prepared the Sami to accept failure. Rather, what does such an outing do to his perception of his abilities and limitations?

Sami with his fatherSami with his father

Get kids out of the screen world of excess

Mariame points out that “the most precious gift a child has is for parents to spend time with them, creating collective moments and shared goals.” She wants to share that with young parents, and believes it’s important that “little ones prefer contact with nature instead of leaving them in front of tablet or phone screens.” As a doctor, I know the harm of these uses, so I ask my parents to create other habits.The outdoors calms me down, gives me moments of fulfillment, and promotes a balance that is so important to the psyche. For dads, “this is all part of the long-term, regular mental preparation over the years.”

“This climb was an opportunity to create beautiful memories with Sami.

Younes Taji

Cardiologist Zakaria Nagy Ramrani, who lives in Senegal, says that given the height, it means that oxygen is running out as the climb progresses, and children may struggle to walk or carry the final 200 meters. He said it was repeated over and over again. “He was drowsy at one point, but the medical support and support from the mountain guide saved him from discomfort and possible edema.” considered, ”the doctor insisted.

Sami accompanied by his mountain guideSami accompanied by his mountain guide

“In an orderly fashion, we were taking breaks throughout the ascent. We used hiking watches in particular to measure the Sami’s heart rate, pulse and temperature at all times,” he added, adding that these outings We have highlighted the important aspects of surveillance.

“At the top, Sami was very happy. He may not have understood the extent of the feat, but he will have a good memory of it so that he can talk about himself in a few years,” the proud father said. I will confide in you.

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