Find your true home.New emergency accommodation center welcomes families in fully renovated building in Montreuil

In Montreuil, 16 families who previously lived in a hotel are now living in new emergency accommodation apartments. Caritas Habitat, Samu Social de Paris and the City of Paris are devices to help the most vulnerable.

Lydia has just returned from school hopping with her dad and sister. Her return to CP is going well at her new school near her home in Bas Montreuil. Laughing at the beep she snatched from her father’s hand, she pulls the trigger that opens the secure gates of the building she’s just moved into with her family. Upstairs, his mother Sarah welcomes him with a big hug in her apartment.

You forget it’s Sam Social de Paris emergency accommodation as the grounds resemble a private residence.

Completely renovated by the Caritas Habitat Foundation, this building has 16 apartments of approximately 28 m², equipped with kitchen, private shower room and toilet, living room and bedroom, for families or single women with children only can stay.

The family we welcome here is in a very precarious situation. Our goal is to accompany them so that they can find a stable life and a calm and sustainable future.“Explains Yenifer Lama, manager of the Sorin Emergency Accommodation Center (CHU), which is close to residents she meets regularly.”For me, as a manager, it is very important to see if my family is doing well and if they need anything. I am in direct contact with the social worker so they can determine if anything needs to be done.‘ she continues.

She already knows that Sarah and her husband are on the right path to social inclusion. “We enrolled Lydia in school and everything is going well. Sarah takes care of her children very seriously. We enrolled Dad Moussin for French lessons, but she didn’t because she speaks the language so well. It may be long, but I have a family in front of me with the potential for success.” She is delighted.

Sarah, 32, and her husband, Moussin, 36, came to France three years ago. Lydia was only three years old at the time. For three days they live on the streets. With the support of Samu social de Paris, she stays in a hotel in Montreuil for three years. “It was very difficult. The 3 of us couldn’t do anything in a very small room. Sometimes I went to the day center to make something warm, but mostly I ate what I bought or found.’ says Sarah. Worst of all, a year after her pregnancy arrived, she spent in uncertainty.I experienced my little Ines pregnancy in a hotel room.’” she explains.

Sometimes I couldn’t remember what I ate. “I was just eating to feed my baby and I was eating to feed my stomach. Today we are alive again. We have a real roof, a real kitchen where the kids can cook whatever they want to eat, and we have a room for the kids.was unexpected‘ she says with relief.

The lodging center distributes meal service tickets for 6€ per person per day.“, designate Yennifer Lama.

Lease terms range from three to five years, depending on the circumstances. These accommodations accommodate a total of 60 people.

In emergency accommodation, welcome is unconditional. So here we have families in regular and irregular situations. We know it’s easier and easier to leave for those in normal circumstances.For families in irregular circumstances it’s much more complicated. Depending on how long they have been in French territory, in some cases these families may stay in hotels or emergency accommodation for years.” explains Yennifer Lama.

In this emergency accommodation, the presence of a social worker not only benefits families from comprehensive social support (housing, health, employment), but also parenting and daily routines provided by social and family intervention technicians. Life support is also available.

A space is provided on the premises for all residents to gather and discuss.

This space can be used for various events. You can host children’s birthday parties, French lessons for residents, but you can also meet professional integration counselors and lawyers from the Paris Social Welfare Office.”, listing the head of CHU Des Sorins.

The purpose is to: To support families towards self-reliance and towards sustainable housing in the private sector.

All accepted families are now housed in a social hotel in Montreuil and were sent by SIAO 93 to CHU.

Before picking up the family members, we will explain to them that they will respect the framework and contracts that define our internal regulations when integrating the emergency response center.“, I designate Yennifer Lama, Manager of Sorin Emergency Accommodation Center (CHU).

The building is guarded by security guards on site at night. “Among these families are women fleeing abusive spouses who must be able to protect them 24 hours a day.Another scenario is leaving one or more children to go out at night I’m a woman. During the day we are on site, but at night someone needs to be there in case things get tough.‘ explains the manager.

The city of Montreuil is proud of this project because it was eager to see this 19th-century building in good hands. The building has been owned by the city since his 1990s, and for some time had construction going on to house emergency accommodation. It required a lot of work.

The selection of Caritas Habitat, which decided to associate Sam Social de Paris as a tenant, immediately won the municipality. “Our partnership with Caritas Habitat has allowed us to sell this building at a legally below market price and restore this property. It was clear that we must be part of the social dynamics, as we have always done in the Montreuil territory by facilitating access to housing for all.affirms Gaylord Le Checker, Montreuil’s first Deputy Mayor (PCF).

Caritas Habitat is a real estate company founded by Secours Catholique that caters and supports associations with the aim of supporting real estate, helping the most vulnerable and providing housing. So when the City of Montreuil asked us to carry out this emergency accommodation project, we proposed to Sam Social de Paris to be the tenants of this new location.Samuel Coue, General Manager of Caritas Habitat, explains:

Construction will take 1.5 years and will cost 3 million euros (including construction and land purchase costs).

All T2s have been refurbished and the entire space has been redesigned. The work involved standardizing all floors of the apartment, installation of building insulation, exterior joinery, renovation, and electrical standardization of the apartment and common areas.

Residents will settle in this summer and the opening of the center will take place on Saturday 24th September with residents and project partners.

This project is in Montreuil’s DNA. Because Montreuil is a welcoming city that is strongly concerned with issues of social acceptance. There are approximately 8,000 housing applicants. Building houses like this is the pride of the Montreuil territory.” I acknowledge Gaylord Le Checker.

Our lives have changed since we moved here. We can finally have a real family life and plan for the future like a normal family.whispered Sarah, moving.

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