Emmanuel Macron clarifies his doctrine against Russia

09/04/2022 2:30 PM, modified 09/04/2022 3:39 PM

Is Madeleine Albright in Catherine Colonna? Unlike the American, who was the first woman appointed as Secretary of State, the French woman is a career diplomat. But the man who succeeded Jean-Yves Le Drian as head of the rue d’Orsay is as much political as his eldest son, who learned the style and content when he served President Chirac in the Elysée in the middle of the Balkans. I know how to be a target. war.

She proved that especially about the war in Ukraine on Friday morning before the French ambassadors, where she met for the first time.“We will stay in Ukraine as long as we need. She hit it with a hammer. We chose to support Ukraine because it fights for the values ​​we share, the values ​​that unite our democracy, and the values ​​that Russia wants to destroy. is. Indeed, the special feature of this new imperialism is that it is given an unbridled ideological agenda. It does not attack only the territory of other nations, it attacks models of society, our society, and anything that could be perceived as an existential threat by authoritarian powers.»“She said bluntly. Natalie Loiseau reaction Chairman of the European Parliament’s Security and Defense Subcommittee. She wasn’t afraid of the obstacle. »

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hindrance ? The debate between defending liberty and human rights and defending real politics is not new. Apparently, however, the case was brought against the President of the Republic, who was condemned while refusing to support Ukraine.“Insulting Russia”left a mark.

question remains

Elysée challenges this caricature vision, but Emmanuel Macron’s speech the day before, before this same audience of diplomats, did not quite put an end to the question.he actually at this moment “Big Rocker” important to France “Neither an alliance nor a vassal” when she is “Summoned to choose a side”According to him it is about our concept “National Independence”.

Hence his justification “Keep talking to everyone” and not “Successing ourselves to all forms of false morality that make us impotent”. Under this neologism associated with Angloism, the head of state wanted to show that he was maintaining and strengthening his policies. “Balance power”,”Plural form”, he added. By specifying that he fully intended to see the European Union adhere to this same principle against Russia. “Europe should not be allowed to divide or ally itself with warmongers who risk escalating conflicts and shutting down communication channels altogether.” Could the phone shuttle with the Kremlin, since the 2019 Bregançon summit and before the invasion of Ukraine, become the new compass?

Emmanuel Macron insists that France build “Conditions that would allow for military victory or negotiated peace at a time of Ukraine’s choosing”. According to President Zelensky, the negotiating hypothesis will not always translate well in Kyiv at the time of the Ukrainian counterattack aimed at liberating the entire territory.” Emmanuel Macron updates software on Russia but won’t take next steps »former French ambassador to Syria and author of a recent memo from the Montaigne Institute, commented:“new idea” It’s to accommodate Russia’s war of attrition, a war to force democracy, he says.“Choose Side”.

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