Does cocoa lower blood pressure?

  • Cocoa is naturally rich in flavanols.Cocoa is naturally rich in flavanols.

New (small) research suggests that supplementing with cocoa extract can quickly lower blood pressure and stiffness.

Nothing new except that this trial has taken place.” in real situations » : 11 participants took the supplement daily – Commercial cocoa extract 3210mg – or placebo. We then measured it using a consumer device that we had previously learned to use wisely. their blood pressure, heart rate and pulse wave velocity (a measure of arteriosclerosis).of Flow-related deployment (or foot-and-mouth disease expansion due to flowassessment of vasodilation), which is more complex to measure at home, was monitored only during the first two days of the trial.

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What can we learn from this study? Consuming cocoa, which is naturally rich in flavanols, Small improvement in FMD value (2%), Observed after 2 hours and still observed after 8 hours compared to placebo which had no effect.Cocoa is allowed a decrease in blood pressure (especially systolic blood pressure, the “first number” of blood pressure) and Arteriosclerosis, Measurable 3 hours after ingestion and visible 8 hours later.

This study also The action of cocoa flavanols appears to be ‘adaptive’,as long as Those effects seem to go increases with pressure value (The higher the pressure, the lower the pressure). Moreover, the duration of this effect was still measurable 8 hours after ingestion and was quantified for the first time beyond the 6 hour limit held in previous studies. This response over time varies slightly from person to person, result of Metabolism of flavanols by the gut microbiotaThe collected data also suggests Daily changes in arterial pressure and stiffness variables. According to the authors, these results are A more personalized approach In managing these dysfunctions.


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