Documents await monthly debtors from Monday 19th September

[Mise à jour du lundi 19 septembre 2022 à 12h30] Property taxpayers who have not been paid monthly will be served first, and their opinions will be published in a secure online space from August 29, 2022. Now it is the turn of owners who have elected to pay their property taxes monthly to receive the corresponding tax notices. To view this non-electronic notice, simply log on to the private space of the website using your tax identification number and password. Property tax is paid in 10 installments each month (from January to October), and the monthly payment amount is equivalent to 1/10 of the previous year.

Just in case,About the deadline for payment of property tax It depends on the payment method chosen by the taxpayer. If you’re paying this monthly fee, you’ve already paid a portion of your monthly payment since January and don’t need to do anything. On the other hand, property taxpayers who have not been paid each month must pay on the October due date.of Property Tax Payment 2022 should be done from here:

  • Monday, October 17, 2022: Paying by TIPSEPA, check, bank transfer or cash (these payment methods are only allowed if the property tax amount is less than EUR 300).
  • Saturday, October 22, 2022: When using non-electronic payment methods (phone payments on the website or the Impots.gouv application). Direct debits will only be made to bank accounts from Thursday 27th October.

property tax is Direct local tax collected annually by municipalities and public authorities. It concerns all owners of real estate and is traditionally paid in October by taxpayers who do not pay property taxes monthly.This tax automatically calculated each year The amount depends on the characteristics of the main residence (area, number of rooms, etc.) and the city in which the accommodation is tax Often accompanied by other taxesHousehold waste collection tax, etc. (TEOM)special equipment tax (TSE) Necessary or special annual surcharges to fund local facilities and programs (Tasa) To finance public transportation.

Who Must Pay Property Tax?

property tax is All owners or licensees of buildingsA property taxable person can be a natural person (individual) or a legal entity (company). Tenant does not pay property tax, which systematically remains the responsibility of the owner. In the context of real estate transactions, the seller theoretically has to bear this tax. However, you may decide to include clauses in your sales contract that allow you to share costs with the buyer. This clause, entitled “Proportional Distribution”, Tax sharing between seller and buyeraccording to the respective period of occupancy of the accommodation.

Who is exempt from property tax?

Some owners are exempt from property tax in their primary residence. that is :

  • Elderly Solidarity Allowance (Aspa), Supplementary Disability Allowance (Asi) holders, no means-tested.
  • Means-tested taxpayers* who are 75 years of age or older on 1 January of the tax year.
  • Adult Disability Allowance (AAH) holders and means-tested*.

These taxpayers are exempt from property tax on their primary residence (even if they are housed in a nursing home or nursing home) if they do not live there. Currently, people aged 75 and over are eligible for a second house if they meet the financial requirements* and occupation of the accommodation facility.

*under, Must not exceed the standard taxable income For taxpayers whose exemption is means-tested (for 2022 property tax, must not exceed 2021 reference tax revenue).

Income limit that must not be exceeded to be exempt from property tax
number of parts) Reference Revenue (RFR)
1 €11,276
1.25 12,781
1.5 €14,286
1.75 €15,792
2 €17,297
2.25 €18,802
2.5 €20,307
2.75 €21,813
3 €23,318
1/2 extra piece 3011
1/4 extra piece €1,505

Please note that we are not responsible for property taxes if they are more than half of your taxable income. There are other cases of exemptions related to this type of building. Property taxes do not apply to new homes, for example. in the meantime 2 years, From January 1 after construction completion. However, local governments and groups of local governments may make other decisions where shares vote against this exemption for their shares. energy efficient homes Property tax exemption in the meantime 5 years Under conditions. Finally, rural buildings intended for agricultural use, dwellings in at-risk areas, hotels and tourist accommodation in rural regeneration areas are all permanent exemption.

Your property tax is calculated as follows of Cadastre annual rental value of your property, and the tax rate voted by your local authority. The land rent value of the accommodation and its ancillary buildings (garage, parking) corresponds to the amount of annual rent that you could theoretically receive if you decided to rent the property. The tax base required for calculating property tax is 50% of this land rentThis base is then multiplied by the tax rate voted on annually by the municipality (table below). This calculation is updated annually by the tax authorities and varies from property to property. This variation is not only due to the specific characteristics of your home (surfaces, number of rooms, etc.), but also the geographic location of your home can greatly affect your tax amount. For example, property taxes for a studio in a big city are often higher than property taxes for a home in a rural area. Calculating the property tax amount is as follows: 50% of the property land rent x the tax rate voted on by the community.

When will I receive my property tax?

The online publication start date of property tax notices is August 29, 2022The mailing period is usually no later than the third week of September, and tax advices are available three weeks before the due date. To consult, simply connect to your private space. On the website The paper version is usually shipped in October.

When do I pay my property tax?

Fixed asset tax payment due date Monday, October 17, 2022for taxpayers who do not make monthly payments and use non-electronic payment methods (cheque, cash, easy transfer or TIP SEPA), only possible if the property tax is less than 300 euros.. In the case of electronic money (Internet, smartphone, maturity account transfer, monthly account transfer), the fixed asset tax payment deadline is Saturday, October 22, 2022. Bank accounts will only be debited from October 27, 2022.

How to pay property tax?

There are several payment methods for paying taxes.But if your tax amount is 300 euros or moreyou absolutely need Execute transactions by monthly debit or due date or online payment Via the website or the mobile application. If you are paying online, bring your tax advice and bank reference number from your bank account details (RIB). Please note that the deadline for applications for maturity bank transfers is usually the end of September. For amounts less than €300, you can choose one of the following:

  • a checkmust be completed with a TIPSEPA attached (no signature, gluing, or stapling required), per the Treasury order, before being sent to your collection center.
  • of Racein this case, you need to go directly to the public financial center with the tax notice or go to an approved tobacco shop.
  • a easy transferCarefully estimate transaction processing times to avoid exceeding deadlines.
  • a Sepa tip It must be dated, signed, and don’t forget to add your bank details and mail it back to the address provided on the document.

When will property taxes be revised?

Has not evolved since the 1970s, New property tax calculation scale expected in 2026In fact, the current calculation of property taxes remains inconsistent, especially between older properties and newer homes. Neighbors who own roughly equivalent areas may reveal significant differences in tax advice amounts.a Reforms Enacted in the 2020 Financial Law We therefore aim to overhaul this calculation via a revaluation of cadastral rental values. What should we expect in the years to come? According to a study conducted by the Institute for Public Policy (IPP), this new calculation will have a redistributive effect, increasing the bills of the wealthiest households. and should benefit more modest households.concerned equality concerns 58% Frenchresponsible for the last major tax instrument available to locally elected officials, whose effective application is scheduled for 2026.

To check if the amount on your tax advice is correct, please visit the private space of the website and enter your taxpayer number and login details. If you believe you should be exempt from property tax, or if you notice an error in your tax calculations, online claim, track treatments from this same can also go Go directly to Public Expense Center Here you need to fill out a visit form that certifies the may eventually send Notice to Tax Center, please attach supporting documents proving your situation. Letters must be sent by December 31, 2023 for your 2022 property tax application to be approved. However, you can attach a request to stop payment to your complaint to defer payment until a decision is made.

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