Didier Lecien, Mayor of Dinant giving an update on ongoing projects

Resized Architecture of Medical Center Dinant Sudnou
The medical house was scheduled to open in the first half of 2023. © Cabinet Chouzenoux.

fibers spread slowly

“Since the beginning of the year, the first sockets installed in the León sector are available for trade with operators across the country, followed by the suburban district of Dinant and the city center where the network corridors are very complex. In preserved areas, no cabinets can be installed, even if most of the cables are buried, an agreement is also required to run the cables on the façade of private property. The entire network should be fully deployed in 2023, after which it is up to operators to start marketing.»

captaincy is still for sale

Harbor Master Dinan's House
Port authorities were ultimately unable to find a buyer. ©LPB

“The couple who bought it for €500,000 have abandoned the project. Therefore, the harbor master’s office is still for sale. The money from the sale will allow us to build a more functional building. This beautiful old building is no longer suitable and does not meet the expectations of the users of this very attractive port.We cannot preserve and maintain all our heritage.The sale of Hôtel Bazan de Jesse is , shows that private projects can be the solution.»

Road to the Church of England

“After a series of whimsical proposals (nightclubs, etc.), we considered placing the City Archives in this former religious building on Rue de Bourset, which the City had purchased in the 1970s. It is costly and prefers to pool equipment.. Recruitment from project leaders for offices, real estate, etc. Also for the creation of cultural areas, public spaces such as theatre, etc. So reflection is on the way again. »

church of england
The Church of England is still for sale and the City no longer wants to set up an archive there. ©LPB

Pilot museum in the monastery

“The idea of ​​turning the castle and then creating a closed, box-stored museum in the Abbey of León is still on the ropes. All of this will come at a cost and is subject to discussion with Drac who is accompanying this project which can be piloted at the national level. is declining, new offers must be offered, which has an operational cost and the potential to appeal to patronage cannot be ruled out.»

Apple trees and the swimming pool of Leon’s former school

“The development of the Abbey is part of the broader framework of this area in Leon. No. It currently houses the grounds of the Cour-Emeraude Association, which I chair and work for the future Regional Nature Park. As for PNR, we may see the light of day in 2024.”

delayed nursing home

“The construction of a nursing home planned near the library in 2023 will be delayed because builders are under pressure. Yes, but no masons! »

Upcoming projects

“Consultations with the bureau will make the rue Chateaubriand, the hospital and the boulevard Saint-Jean-de-Dieu roundabout safer and more practical. Once the Nexcity Senior Residence is completed, the entire rue Basburgneuf will be rebuilt. There is also the continuation of the work of the Mère Pourcel and the renovation of the north ramparts, the development of the Chemin des Cordiers for cyclists and pedestrians.

Video: Now with Actu

Following a major power outage in the Château district, traffic will be somewhat disrupted as construction works take place over the next few weeks: Porte Saint-Louis will be closed for a few days, after which alternating traffic will be established for several weeks.

In cooperation with the state, work has begun on the emergency accommodation center managed by CCAS and will continue until the end of December. These facilities will increase the number of beds from 10 to 15. »

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