Cergy Pontoise’s Marathon of Music and Solidarity

- Solidarity: execution and support

Every year the Music and Solidarity Marathon supports the cause. AFA clone RCH France is in the limelight for his 2022.

Afa Crohn RCH France is the only national association of patients and families involved in the fight against inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (UC). Recognized as a public utility.

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- Useful information

bib retraction

  • Friday, October 7, from 10 am to 8 pm Decathlon Cergy Pontoise – 2 Av. de la Plaine des Sports, 95800 Cergy – Free parking
  • Saturday, October 8, at L’île de loisirs de Cergy-Pontoise at 7:15 am – 1 Rue des Étangs, 95000 Neuville-sur-Oise, P1 Parking –


  • individual marathon

    Distance: 42.195km

    Departure time: 9:30 am

    What could be more satisfying for a road runner than conquering the marathon’s legendary 42.195 km? Running enthusiasts can outdo themselves.
  • Marathon with teams of 2-6 people

    Distance: 42.195km

    Departure time: 9:30 am

    • Relay 1: Hotels in Val d’Oise – Gare de Liesse (6 km)
    • Relay 2: Liesse station – Eragny towpath (11 km)
    • Relay 3: Eragny towpath – Jouy-le-Moutier wellness center (4 km)
    • Relay 4: Place of Happiness Jouy le Moutier – Face of the World Cergy (11 km)
    • Relay 5: Face of the World Cergy – Decathlon Cergy (4 km)
    • Relay 6: Decathlon Cergy – Stade Maradas Pontoise (6.95km)


Participating in one of Cergy Pontoise’s Musical and Solidarity Marathon events includes:

  • 42.195 km of live racing
  • 14 gigs
  • Official T-shirt
  • Catering area in health village
  • shuttle
  • More surprises await


The race will be interrupted at 7pm with a concert by Eyo’nlé & the Ogres de Barback at the Maradas Stadium (concert price is included in the price of the bib and costs €60).

- Journey

The race starts at 9:30 am in front of the hotel in the Val d’Oise and arrives at the Stade des Maradas Joël Motir in Pontoise. This route has the peculiarity of crossing all the municipalities of the Cergy-Pontoise agglomeration. The 42.195 km race accompanies you with enough musical entertainment to keep you on track all the way to the finish line.

Beyond the sporting aspect, the race will be festive and fun, featuring 14 music stages in each intersecting city, and the event will end with a grand final concert by the group “Les Ogres de Barback” at Maradas Stadium. increase. Joel Motyl of Pontoise.

Cergy-Pontoise Musical and Solidarity Marathon participants have a maximum run time of 6 hours to complete the course from the official valid start time of the event to the finish line.

Visualize your circuit

- register

  • individual marathon
    • Until October 6, 2022: €60 (concert price included in bib price)
  • team marathon
    • Until October 6, 2022: €60 per team

online registration


- hotel

leisure island

2 rue de la Plaine – 95000 Cergy (just 1.5 km from the start of the marathon).

Meeting point at Ile de Loisir for transport by bus of runners.

Two formulas offered on Friday 7th October and/or Saturday 8th October:

  • A comfortable building with 2 to 3 beds per room and a toilet and shower in each room. Price: €25/person + 1 breakfast.
  • Standard building with 5-6 beds per room and a toilet block per floor. Price: €20/person + 1 breakfast.

Important information:

  • Mixing of men and women, minors and adults is not allowed (with proof), except in the case of family members.
  • Registration takes place only after receipt of files and payment.
  • Wifi connection and shared living room.
  • Self-service breakfast.
  • There is a duvet / Please bring your own sheets and towels.

All bookings and information: [email protected]

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