Centralizing A to Z Hotel Operations to Improve Overall Productivity: Feedback from Hoteliers

Managing multi-activity, multi-site properties or grouping properties with multiple profit centers… There are very specific problems facing hotel professionals that PMS alone cannot address. By choosing the right and scalable solution, you can give your employees peace of mind, establish a robust system-based development strategy, and achieve significant returns.

  • Increased productivity : Teams only learn one piece of software. In addition to saving training time, venues no longer have to deal with interoperability issues between different PMS, channel managers and booking engines. Support centralizes and resolves all queries. Note that a single interface facilitates employee experience and communication within the team.
  • in customer journey fluidity and customer satisfaction : Centralized data (own cardex and billing) enables more personalized and relevant interactions with clients before, during and after their stay, allowing your team to focus on their core business.
  • to earn extra income : Centralization makes it possible to market each point of sale (restaurant, shop, seminar, etc.), offer or service (bicycle rental) thanks to inventory, central stock, simple receipts or invoices.

A few testimonials at various types of facilities using Sequoiasoft’s Asterio PMS are proof of that.

More and more activities, in the case of Domaine Valsoyo

Located in the Drôme of Youpi, Le Domaine Valsoyot features eight themed apartments, reception rooms for hosting professional seminars, private events and weddings, multiple activities and a performance hall. Observation: Today’s customers want maximum service in a place with a soul.

Yoann Vara, Manager of Domaine Varsoyo wanted:

  • Hotel PMS, which can operate not only accommodation but also events at the same time, is expanding strongly in Balsoyo
  • Facilitate future business development by choosing a scalable solution.

Why would you prefer a scalable hotel software that knows how to manage the event part and all its activities? ?

We don’t change hotel software every day. It is at the heart of the activity, hence the challenge it represents, the importance of anticipating. Sequoiasoft’s Asterio solution is of interest to any hotel with a reception hall.

As soon as I installed it, I started noticing the facilitation effect, the time saving. Not to mention the benefits related to mobility, as there are applications on mobile phones and they are very practical. Asterio is the right solution for Valsoyo and his team.

His recommendation: Yoan Vara recommends Asterio for other facilities with multiple activities or multiple facilities. Ideal for structures that are scalable, develop and diversify activities.A true strategic choice, words matter !.

The Case of Villa Val Senard and La Villa Rambouillet

Tourist accommodations face specific PMS challenges as they have a different type of clientele, offers and prices than hotels. Short, medium and long term stays, foreign guests, links with tour operators… Yvelines’ Villa Val his Villa Senard and Villa Rambouillet for example.

According to Associate Director Emmanuel Fatout, what are the benefits of a PMS solution that integrates the two properties and what are the characteristics of tourist accommodation? ?

There are few good PMS options on the market and Sequoiasoft’s Asterio is clearly one of them. In particular, access rights make managing multiple facilities easier.Bulk Booking Example: Last summer we received requests for 50 rooms per day for three months. Length of stay and billing methods vary. Asterio knows how to handle this kind of challenge.

Emmanuel Fatout also argues for an aspect hoteliers tend to ignore: the hidden costs of training. When it comes to assignments, someone with 3-4 years of experience in the hotel industry is quite unique as it only takes them 2 hours to cash, book and arrive. ! Given that 600 to 800 euros per training day is charged on the market, The savings you get by choosing Asterio are substantial. »

Development of a multi-purpose center facility with accommodation, catering, event activities and a golf course: the case of L’Essendieras

Located in Dordogne, Saint Médard d’Excideuil, L’Essendiéras mainly offers guest room and tent accommodation, wedding and business seminar events and a golf course. Each building is unique and has its own story.

For Floris Bakker, Director of Essendiéras, why PMS integrates all activities ?

A Sequoiasoft customer for over 15 years, Floris Bakker saw the benefits of having 100% web plus all activities in one software and wanted to switch to Asterio PMS immediately.

Asterio offers great flexibility and allows you to manage rooms, lodgings, rooms and restaurants.Software designed for today’s needsIf I had to list three characteristics of the Asterio, the first is the software in the cloud that gives a 360-degree view of all activity, and it’s simply easy to use.

He returns to the fluidity of customer journeys at Essendiéras, especially thanks to PMS Asterio, which handles all activities.

Once a customer books with us and begins their stay at the property, we can track all of their consumption in Asterio.Everything is centered on the customer file, no matter where you are in your domain. You can also manage your golf collection and golf pro shop at the reception point of sale.

From these concrete examples, it is clear that establishments are becoming places of real life, offering multiple activities to better satisfy customers, extend their stay, and keep them as a family. . These activities are new profit centers given the organization and tools that make them easy to manage and market. In this regard, choosing a hotel PMS that has these different activities available on a single customer cardex makes all the difference. This is a direct benefit to Asterio’s customers from Sequoiasoft, the only PMS that will cover all hotel facility activities in an integrated manner in 2022.

Thanks to Yoann Valla, Emmanuel Fatout and Floris Bakker

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