Blue Week: Everything for Seniors from October 2nd to 9th

Sunday 2nd October

9:30 am – March for all: Procedures to follow and Blue March

Animation organized as part of World Walking Day and Blue Week in partnership with CCAS and the sports department of the City of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Departure from Place Louis XIV

Approximately 7.5 km route with 2 optional workshops: yoga and qigong.

Monday, October 3rd

9am-12pm – Hypertension Prevention and Screening At the AMICIAL care center on the place du collège in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Why is it important to prevent high blood pressure? How to detect it?

At this time, the care team of Home Assistance Support Services will provide advice and information.

1 hour workshop – max 5 people/workshop – upon registration

10:30 am to 12:30 pm – start of petanque

Animation provided in partnership with Amicale des boulistes de Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Petanque court next to the Urdazuri gymnasium – under registration

12pm-2pm – “It’s up to you” at central school

Animations offered in partnership with the Children, Youth and Academic Affairs Department during extracurricular hours with school children at the Center (CE1 and CE2 classes on a voluntary basis)

A panel of traditional games (Bellote, Tarot, Lady) and a video game console (Wii) are provided. Laughter and humor guaranteed!

Tuesday, October 4th

9am to 12pm – Prevention and Screening for “Arterial Hypertension” AMICIAL CARE CENTER on place du collège in Saint-Jean-de-Luz – 1 hour workshop – max. 5 people/workshop – upon registration

12:00pm – 2:30pm – ‘It’s up to you’ at central school

Wednesday, October 5th

10:30 am – Grandparents and grandchildren from “Racontines” in the media library

Bring dreams and wonders to reading with a book specially dedicated to children and their grandparents (from 4 years old).
At registration – up to 15 people

2:00 pm to 4:30 pm – Guided tour of ‘Flight to the upper reaches of Ciboure’ a land of art and history

Discover the history of the lights of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Ciboure, built in 1870 and remodeled by André Pavlovsky in 1937.

Please note: This tour requires good physical fitness and is not recommended for people who suffer from dizziness.

Meet in Ciboure, placed in Lannes (opposite en primeur) – 2 visits – max 10 people/visit – registration required.

Thursday, October 6th

9am to 12pm – Prevention and Screening for “Arterial Hypertension” AMICIAL CARE CENTER on place du collège in Saint-Jean-de-Luz – 1 hour workshop – maximum 5 people/workshop – upon registration

12pm-2pm “It’s up to you” At the Lagun Artean Club

14:30-17:00 “Makeup Photo Workshop” Lagun Artean Club with Bayonne Regional Coordinating Center for Information (CLIC)

Animation by a social esthetician

A workshop for those who want to take care of themselves, want to please themselves, want to regain self-confidence, want to affirm their femininity, and thereby regain a better image and self-esteem. play.

At the time of registration

Friday, October 7th

12pm-2pm – “It’s up to you” At Club Lagoon Artean

2:30-4:30pm – “When Literature Meets Music…” At the Rotondo with the media library

reading aloud separated by musical interludes

At registration – up to 30 people

Saturday, October 8th

Cycle Touring Discovery Workshop Association Cyclo Club SJLO and

9am – Meet at SJLO Club Headquarters in Ducontinentia. Welcome coffee and presentation of the day’s program.

9:30am – Back in the saddle On various routes in DuContenia Park before departure

10am – Route 1 : VAE (round trip) 40km

Saint-Jean-de-Luz-D918-Ascain-SaintPee/Nivelle-D3-Cherchebruit-D4-Route de Sare-Sare.

2:45pm – Meet at SJLO Club Headquarters in Ducontinentia

3pm – Route 2 : Muscle Bike (Round Trip) 50km Saint-Jean-de-Luz = D918 = Ascain-Sampe/Nivelle = D3 = Cherche Brut = D4 = Route de Sale = D306 = Base of Risarieta Pass

Please note: Appropriate clothing is required (sportswear) – Possibility of VAE bike and helmet rental – upon registration

3:30 p.m. – “Together to the Gingget Tune” EHPAD Ultable. 1950s-themed theater ball

Take a new look at the Elders, drawing inspiration from their lives and experiences. Booking provided by a resident of EHPAD Urtaburu.

At the time of registration

Sunday 9th October

5pm – ‘Heads or Heads’ Performed by Scaramcha Theater Company

At the Lagun Artean Club in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Two stories that evoke the dark and light sides of each. Whether you’re a senior or a junior, it’s not all black and white! “Time is irrelevant”.

  • “The Consolation of an Angel” – Frédéric Lenoir

Excerpt/free modification

Dialogue between two characters on major themes such as life, death, freedom, love, family, spirituality…

  • Aunt Daniel Etienne Chatiez

Excerpt/free modification

Aunt Daniel is the least respected part of us, and she frees us from intimate fear.

At the time of registration

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