Barbados Tourism Update by Halal Sector

Tehran (IQNA) – Barbados is one of the small island nations northeast of Venezuela, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The state capital is Bridgetown. The country is one of the Caribbean’s leaders in tourism.

The island of Barbados has some of the necessary ingredients to attract the halal market unlike other destinations in the Caribbean. Barbados is a tourist destination that can easily adapt to all the conditions required to attract Muslim tourists.

Barbados is located approximately 175 kilometers east of St. Vincent. The island of Barbados is 34 km long, 23 km wide and covers an area of ​​431 square km. The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown with a population of 140,000. This small island covers an area of ​​430 square kilometers and has a population of about 270,000.

Barbados is always warm, with slight variations in temperature from June to November, when the rainy season begins. The average temperature on the island is 26°C, and the amount of rainfall is particularly high on the island. Due to the hot weather, sugar cane cultivation is thriving on this island.

Tourism is an important economic activity in Barbados, which began in the 1960s.At least 10% of Barbados’ working population (about 13,000 people) work in this sector, and accommodation options range from luxury hotels to simple eateries. We are offering

Perfect of the Future and the Future

After years of stagnation, tourism recovered in the mid-1990s but experienced a decline in 1999. This decline is partly due to increased competition from other Caribbean countries such as the Dominican Republic.

An ever-present problem with the tourism industry in Barbados is the concentration of tourism facilities on the country’s southern coast. Barbados, on the other hand, has few large, reputable hotels, making it a tough sell to the tourism industry, especially in the United States, the largest and most popular source of tourists.

The south and west coasts of Barbados are popular for their calm, clear blue waters and white and pink sandy beaches. The coast faces the Atlantic Ocean and has great waves for surfing. In addition to the presence of shopping malls where tourists can shop duty-free, afternoon tea and local traditions such as cricket, the country’s national sport, attract tourists.

Suleiman Bulbria, Executive Director of the Barbados Muslim Association, noted Barbados’ potential in the field of halal tourism in a memo published in Barbados Today, writing: Halal tourism, and the potential for Barbados to attract this particular rapidly growing market. Halal tourism is a growing market in North America and Europe. As the Times article points out, in Europe, Muslims in his community are now in their third or fourth generation. Most of our Halal tourism inquiries in Barbados come from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. These are professionals and young families who love to travel, have experienced halal tourism in the Middle East and Far East and like to try new destinations. Barbados possesses several factors necessary to attract this market unlike other destinations in the Caribbean. Barbados is a tourist destination that easily adapts to the demands of Muslim tourists. This strong potential has prompted tourism companies to launch programs to attract Muslim tourists. One such company is ‘Barbados Halal Experience’, known as BHE. It aims to provide a halal travel experience to tourists looking for services that match their beliefs.

Perfect of the Future and the Future

It is a company that provides Muslim-friendly services at “Palms Resort”. According to the company officials, all food in these residences is prepared and stored according to detailed instructions and has halal approval from local Islamic authorities. This company provides other services, special swimming pool for women, childcare by qualified Muslim educators, henna tattoos, massage rooms run by trained Muslim women, Quran tutoring and It offers memorization, access to the island’s Muslim lawyers and doctors, and organizational organization. Religious ceremonies and meetings.



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